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Homework Help: Simplification of answer involving Cosine

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    I have manged to get my answer down to the first line in the picture but I have tried all ways and can't seem to simplify it to the second line.

    Thank you

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    [itex]\cos(x\pi)=(-1)^x[/itex] if [itex]x\in\mathbb{Z}[/itex]
    Does that help?
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    What I don't get is how to I simplify from


    [itex]\frac{-(2 cos(pi n)}{(n^2-1)}[/itex]
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    You may be looking for something more complicated than necessary.
    How would you simplify cos(θ+π) and cos(θ-π)?
    How would combine a/(n+1) - a/(n-1) into a single fraction?
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    Yup got it, totally forgot the trig identity

    cos(A+ B)= cos(A)cos(B)- sin(A)sin(B)

    Thank you
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    You do not actually need that identity for this, the rather simple identities [itex]\cos(\pi+\theta)=-\cos(\theta)[/itex] and [itex]\cos(\theta-\pi)=\cos(\pi-\theta)=-\cos(\theta)[/itex] are enough.
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