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Solution Pressure of Nitrogen Gas In Diesel Fuel

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    I have an application where I am bubbling N2 into diesel at the bottom of a storage tank to register the head pressure.

    I want to calculate at what depth (head pressure) the nitrogen gas would go into solution instead of creating a bubble at the bottom of the tank. Could you explain or possibly provide an example as to how to make that calculation even if it is only an approximation?

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    It will depend on the fuel saturation - for a given pressure at some point diesel oil will be saturated and no more nitrogen will get dissolved, so you will see no bubbles first, but bubbles later. I suppose these things are tabelarized in some handbooks, but I have no idea where to look. My best idea is to go to library and to ask librarian.
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    Could anyone offer any more of an explanation as to how to calculate or estimate?
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