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Suggstion required for setup of a 3MW Power Generation Unit.

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    Hello everyone,
    I represent an iron & steel manufacturing industry which runs on electricity. Currently our electricity consumption is 1,000,000 units/month @ 5.5 INR/Unit consumed along with maximum kVA reached during the time of manufacturing of product which is affecting the costing of Iron/MT. So we are interested in setting up a "captive power plant" of 3000 kVA/3MW capacity.
    Though there are many methods available for production of electricity, we are keen in installing the cheapest and the most reliable one because it will be running 24 X 7 X 365.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What exactly are you asking us? How could we know what is the best type of power generation plant to build based just on the information you've given? What are your choices, and what are the tradeoffs you've found so far in your research?
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    If this facility is running 24/7 and you want the cleanest and most reliable system possible, at that power level it would have to be natural gas. You don't want to burn coal, and at that power level gas piston isn't really an appealing option. You should look at natural gas turbine technology.
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    With all due respect, this may be something you want to contract out (assuming you don't have the expertise in-house) rather than asking on an internet forum. Unless you are the contractor or engineer in charge...
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    Guy's I think you're misreading his question.:smile:

    The way I read it is that they're currently paying a premium price for their power due to the plants poor power factor. He wants to generate up to 3000 KVAR to address this and hopefully lower the power bills.
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    I don't know much about the comparative costs of PFC at those levels, but the three main options are

    - Capacitor Banks (usually switched in and out by either contactor or SCR to match present VAR demand).

    - Inverter (DC to AC) providing reactive power only from a DC source. Here however the DC source can be merely an electrolytic capacitor bank as no real power demand means the capacitors don't discharge. (There is of course a small real power input to supply losses and keep the electrolytics charged)

    - A "synchronous condensor". Probably not really an option unless you already have some large synchronous motors in the plant that you could use for this purpose.
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