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Homework Help: Target element in Coolidge tube and x-rays

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    I would say that the wavelength of the characteristic spectrum will increase, but what about the bremsstrahlung spectrum? Will the cutoff wavelength will be longer?
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    There are plenty of online sources for this. Just search for each term, eg. x-ray bremsstrahlung or x-ray cutoff etc

    https://www.slideshare.net/mizakamaruzzaman/phy-310-chapter-6 This link covers all the essential points about X-ray production. It answers your question explicitly.

    http://www.sprawls.org/ppmi2/XRAYPRO/ this seems a more detailed discussion of all factors and again covers all the points you raise.

    You are correct about the characteristic radiation, though remember there may be several lines in the characteristic spectrum.
    The bremsstrahlung is affected by the target material because it is a factor in the efficiency of production of bremsstrahlung.
    The cutoff wavelength is determined by a specific factor, so you need to check up on that.
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