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The Food Thread

  1. Jun 25, 2006 #1
    Calling all food lovers and connoisseurs of PF .
    A thread to post anything and everything about food.
    Share your favourite recipes, your kind of cuisine and favourite dishes, dining experiences, or even your kitchen antics and fiascos.

    Let the food fest begin and remember, gluttony is not a sin.:approve:
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    Oooh, I'll be back in a bit. A friend and I were trying to find new recipes for lentils and we found some rather unusual fare, such as chocolate lentil cake. :yuck:

    We were also trying to find a modern version of "horsebread" that didn't require two bushels of flour.
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    Chocolate lentil cake !!! That's my favourite ( drools over keyboard ) !
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    Pasta with Pesto Sauce

    2 cups fresh basil leaves
    2 or more large garlic cloves
    3/4 cup fresh parmesan cheese (shredded or grated)
    1/2 cup pine nuts
    2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

    Put the first 4 ingredients in a food processor and blend while drizzling in the olive oil. Process until smooth. Pour into a jar and top with olive oil.

    Prepare your favorite pasta(angel hair works great) combine it with about a tablespoon of pesto per serving.

    Cover the unused pesto sauce with olive oil to keep it green and keep in the fridge up to a week.
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    By far, Lebanese food is one of the best in the world.
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    Got any recipes?
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    See also - Recipes & Cooking

    Actually, one will find a lot of food threads in GD.
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    No, but if you drive down to Maryland I will take you to a good resturant in Bathesda :biggrin:.
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    Do you have a grill and a clamshell grilling basket with a fine wire mesh? If you do, here is today's recipe. Mix up a concoction of olive oil, dry red wine, ketchup, (insert favorite spicy salad dressing here - mine is Marie's Roasted Red Pepper Vinagarette), maybe some prepared mustard, the juice of one fresh lemon, molasses, some really hot habanero sauce, a crushed clove of garlic (or two), some oregano, freshly-ground black pepper, and salt. Mix them in approximately that order of decreasing amounts, tasting from time to time. That is your marinade. Thoroughly de-vein and de-shell some previously-frozen jumbo shrimp and marinate them in this for a few hours (or overnight), then cook them on your grill on high heat, painting them generously with the left-over marinade before and after turning. The molasses helps keep the seasonings stuck to the shrimp, while carmelizing nicely during cooking. When the thinner parts of the shrimp look crispy, open that grill basket and serve. Don't ask for specific quantities in the recipe. I don't measure, and you'll have to try this a few times to see what "by feel" proportions work for you. I can tell you that these grilled habanero shrimp never last more than a few minutes after they are served, so something must be going right. I grew up in a family of great cooks, so when you haul out a dish at a family gathering and it disappears in minutes with a crowd elbowing in for dibs, that is high praise. This one will make you popular at parties.
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    George Jones

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    Dahl? (extra char)
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    Mixed chopped fruit with yogurt, my favorite breakfast. Maybe:

    chopped fresh fruit -
    orange slices,

    topped with vanilla yogurt, in moderation as not to overwhelm the fruit. I discovered this combination at a cafe in Key West, off of Duval street, forgot the name.
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    I got lucky once and this came out incredibly good, very strong flavors of anchovies and black olives (no capers for me), concentrated by reducing over a full hour at low heat. Mine was with spaghetti though, not rigatoni as pictured in wikipedia's article. I supplemented the olive oil with the olive oil the anchovies were packed in, that may have affected things positively, I'm not certain. I've also tried a version at an upscale restaurant, too soft and muted for my taste though, my version was better.
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    Best breakfast, steak with runny eggs on top, oatmeal and 5-6 scrambled eggs. Protein +10.
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    Sounds lethal.
  16. Jun 25, 2006 #15

    Nope. It has all that your body needs for strength!
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    I ate at taco bell for lunch...it was nasty...

    that's al I have to say about food
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    I just smoked some oil... disaster report soon to come
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    Dahl (dal) is great, but I wanted to get creative. I thought "lentil lasagna". He thought I was nuts. I found a lot of recipes online for it, but they all mostly turned out to be boring vegetable lasagna with lentils included. :frown:

    This one sounded good though. I would use ricotta instead of cottage cheese. It calls for a tomato sauce, which I don't think sounds good with lentils. I'm trying to think of what might work.

    Lentil Lasagna

    9 lasagna noodles
    1 pkg. frozen spinach
    1 lb. cottage cheese
    1/2 c. dry lentils
    1 c. grated cheddar
    1 c. grated mozzarella
    1/2 c. Parmesan
    large jar of spaghetti sauce (I use Prego or Classico)

    Cook lentils in boiling water for about 20 minutes, drain.
    Thaw spinach in microwave, press out liquid. Cook noodles al dente.
    Make layers in oblong baking pan as follows: sauce, noodles, sauce,
    cottage cheese, lentils, spinach, cheddar & mozzarella, more sauce.
    Cover top layer of noodles with sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan.
    Bake at 375F for 30-35 minutes. Add 1/2 lb. sliced sauteed mushrooms
    to sauce if desired. For variation use black beans instead of lentils.

    Then I thought lentils and eggplant would be yummy together in a lentil version of Moussaka. Substitute the lentils for the meat. Or even just add lentils to the meat.

    There is a Lentil cook-off August 19th!!! Who wants to enter with me?

    http://www.lentilfest.com/DrawEvents.aspx?EventID=8 [Broken]

    I'm still trying to figure out some creative (but not disgusting) lentil recipes.
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    I do a grilled skewered shrimp. Take two barbecue skewers (if you use bamboo, be sure to soak them in water first). Run the skewers through the front and rear portions of the shrimp so they hold their shape. Marinate them for at least 3 hours in a mixture of beer, soy sauce, lemon or lime juice, and crushed garlic. Grill over a slow fire until shrimp become opaque. Basting as they cook. Be sure to turn them frequently for even cooking.

    You leave the shrimp on the skewers when served, resembling a satay.

    I don't have measurements, I just "know" what amounts to use. Taste and adjust to your personal preferences. Anyone that likes shrimp will love this. If you want to be fancy, use white wine instead of the beer. Or omit the alcohol altogether.
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    Is this like a cup (8 oz) with tablespoons of soy sauce, and half of a squeezed lemon or lime? I prefer lime juice.

    I like Tecate con cal, and that's 12 oz with maybe a quarter or eighth of a lime squeezed into it.

    As for something with lentils - I do like dals - particularly curried dals.
    Here is a good site with some recipes - http://www.indianfoodsco.com/Submit/lentilsDal.htm

    Progresso has a Tomato Basil soup that might go well with lentils, rather than a spaghetti sauce.

    One could try Lentil minestrone. :rolleyes:

    With meat - lentil and lamb would be good, maybe with a little pineapple.
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