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Homework Help: The proportion of Hydrogen to limit errors in measurement.

  1. May 14, 2013 #1
    It is proposed to use a katharometer to mesaure the amount (about 5%) of oxygen in nitrogen, in the presence of a small amount (0.5%) hydrogen. How constant would the proportion of hydrogen have to be in order to limit errors in measurement of % oxygen to +/- 0.1%?

    The thermal conductivities are:
    Nitrogen 0.993
    Oxygen 1.052
    Hydrogen 6.993

    Not to sure where to start with this one, any guidance just to start me off would be most appreciated.
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    An approximation of the mixture's thermal conductivity can be expressed as the mole fraction-weighted sum of the individual components. For example,

    λm = χ1λ1 + χ2λ2 +… χnλn
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