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Torsional pendulum

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    i just want like 3 to 4 lines about the history of torsional pendulum like who started with it and what is it used for?? please quick reply
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    that's easy.. you're online, so you can browse about it first using the internet. :))

    Getting the 'right' answer is important, but understanding how to solve the problem is just as important, if not more so..#physicsforums
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    okay let me ask the question in another manner , is the torsion pendulum fixed to a disk the same invention as to be fixed to a sphere??
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    I think no.

    the torsion pendulum has a disk suspended to its end that rotates on its vertical axis (the string where it is attached) while the one fixed to a sphere as you say (simple pendulum) swings from side to side (left-right/right-left manner).. :))
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