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Homework Help: Toy rocket Motion problem

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    A toy rocket moving vertically upward passes by a 2.2 m high window whose sill is 9.0 m above the ground. The rocket takes 0.14 m/s} to travel the 2.2 m height of the window.

    What was the launch speed of the rocket? Assume the propellant is burned very quickly at blastoff.

    How high will the rocket go?
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    bump please help
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    What do you think you should do to solve the problem?
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    well since it says it tokk .14 sec to travel 2.2 m then velocity (v) = 2.2/.14 then we get the final velocity...we know a = -9.8 m/s2........and X = 2.2+9 =11.2m...so we find initial velocity but it says that its the wrong answer

    so if u teach me the method it would be great...
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    You need to use the relationship that Vf2 - Vi2 = 2 a x where a is 9.8 m/s2

    You are given 2 distances here. Choose one formula from launch.

    Vo2 - Vb2 = 2 a x ... where Vb is V bottom and x is height to bottom of window which is 9

    You also know that since gravity is slowing things down that
    Vb = Vt + .14 (9.8) where Vt is velocity at the top of the window.

    Then you can make use of the other equation to the top of the window:
    Vo2 - Vt2 = 2 a x ... where Vt is V top and x is height to top of the window which is 11.2

    3 equations. 3 unknowns. Solve.
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    I dint understand your explaination....is there anyone else who can help me..
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    What have you tried? You have some of the values. And you have 3 equations that relate the variables you don't have to each other.

    You need to use algebra to solve the equations and eliminate your unknowns.
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