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Homework Help: Triangle Circuit

  1. Nov 12, 2011 #1
    I am not sure how the configuration would look like if we add a voltage across these points. I have drawn out what I think it would look like after a potential is applied across Vab. My question is, is this drawing correct?? What about Vbc and Vac?

    This is question 26.5.


    And here is my attempt for (a)


    Once I figure out the configuration, I can easily add up the R_eq and find the I from that. But I need to make sure my configuration is correct!
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    For a diagram for part (a), the voltage source should be drawn between nodes a and b. You've not labeled node a correctly in the second diagram.
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    What should the 20ohm be connected to?
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    If the instructions say to put the voltage source between nodes a and b, then that's where you connect it!


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    Ohhhhh, duh... Thanks!
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