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Homework Help: What does the abbreviation 'ATP' mean?

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    1. What does the abbreviation 'ATP' mean? Is that food+oxgen=energy?
    2. I don't really know what 'respiration' means?
    3. There are 7 categories of classification: Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. But what's the difference among 'class' ,'order' and 'family'? What's the difference between 'genus' and 'species'. In other words, what are the relations among those words, or what does each word represent?

    Thanks for replies.
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    1. Adenosine-TriPhosphate
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    Sounds like homework MIA6.
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    We respectfully request that students demonstrate some effort and show work before asking for assistance. :smile:

    Arildno already gave the first answer. I suspect the answers to one's questions will be found in one's biology textbook. One can also use on-line dictionaries, Google or Wikipedia by entering the respectives sites and searching on the terms one has mentioned.

    Question 3 pertains to animal and plant taxonomy. The animal classification scheme is known as Linnaean taxonomy, or Linnaean classification.

    Good luck in your searching.
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