Why Cl more active than Cl-

  1. Hi , I have an other question , I know Its a stupid question to you brialliant ppl :shy:
    but I hope I find the answer here

    why are Cl atoms more chemically active than Cl- ion ?
    and why are Na atoms more chemically active than Na+ ion ?

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  3. Meir Achuz

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    The ions have closed shells. It is difficult to add or remove an electron, or even share one covalently.
  4. thanx for ur reply Meir , but can u give me a more detailed answer
    with some explanations
  5. Meir Achuz

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    I am not a chemist. Ask on a chem forum or read a chem text.
  6. ok thanx , give me alink that can help me , plz
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    Suggestion to mentors: Possibly move to chemistry forums?

  8. GCT

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    think the octet rule, and read up on it.
  9. Gokul43201

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    This results directly from the Octet rule. Write the electronic configurations of these atoms/ions - you will see that Cl- and Na+ have 8 electrons each in the valence shell. This is the magic number needed to maximize the stability of the atom/ion (ie : make the total potential energy of the system = sum of all electron-nucleus interaction energies + electron-electron interaction energies as negative as possible).
  10. thhhhhhhanx very much Gokul43201

    I really appreciate your help
  11. Read Peter Atkins book The Periodic Kingdom http://tinyurl.com/ol6lq pages 171-173 for an explanation of the differences in reactivity of Na / Na+ and Cl/Cl-.
  12. thanx crabslover
    I want you all to know , that our books or differnt than your books
    and its written in the cover (not for sale in th US )
    I dont know why , but we dont understand simple things cuz we are not that good in english but we are forced to study it to graduate
    Im sorry if I was anoying

    and thanx to all who helped us

  13. :rolleyes: :

    good qwestion!
    i beleive that cl atoms r reactive just bec. of their config. they want to complete their octet and gets converted into corrosponding ion,
    same is the case with with na ,
    na is just having a free electron in its valence shell,and it want to lose it to
    get its octet completed
    one more general reason is u can rember
    every ion is having its partner to neutalize its charge
    so does any bare atom,it become reactive and combine to have its valence electron shared or lost.
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