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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Hi, I wanted to know what is the difference between ANSYS Fluent/ANSYS and CATIA. And what purpose do both of...
Apr19-14 10:20 AM
1 211
how much heat roughly does commercial aircraft APU produce? I'm interested in an average and maximum range. Any...
Apr15-14 02:22 AM
0 196
Can someone tell me how a German plane Messerschmitt Me 163 lands? Because I found out that this plane lands without...
Apr9-14 06:49 PM
7 327
Hi I need to calculate the velocity of an airplane after it executes quarter loop (starts horizontally, pitches up...
Apr7-14 04:50 AM
0 288
Hi, I was reading about VASIMR ,my knowledge in rocket science is very limited ,i was able to understand how plasma...
Apr5-14 11:02 PM
0 299
Hi, When expressing the Lift and Drag acting on an airplane as: F_{lift}=qSC_L F_{drag}=qSC_D where q is the...
Apr4-14 10:59 PM
0 274
Hi there, I think this is in the right section if not please inform me and move my thread. I want to design and build...
Apr4-14 10:57 PM
10 538
Hello, I'm new here, but I have some questions which i'd like to ask. I had this idea about corrugated wings to...
Apr3-14 10:20 AM
17 503
I am going to do some structural analysis of the wing. The upward shear force, or lift, is acting at the aerodynamic...
Apr3-14 03:35 AM
1 327
I'm trying to calculate the thrust produced by a steam rocket, but I don't have that much information to work with (or...
Apr2-14 08:57 PM
19 684
Just got this at an auction and I'd like to know what it is. it's very heavy, and geared to heck and back. nine inches...
Mar31-14 10:08 AM
5 505
Hi, I want a software that can generate aerodynamic coefficients (CD, CL, CY,Cl,Cm,Cn, etc) I am aware of some...
Mar29-14 11:46 AM
8 624
For a ramjet engine, combustion occurs at a finite Mach number M. If we know the ambient conditions like free stream...
Mar24-14 08:41 PM
0 421
Hello, i am wondering a situation; how does the thrust occur in pitching and plunging motions? thank you for reply.
Mar20-14 09:50 AM
10 610
Hello, i am asking a question: is there any formulation of wind tunnel blockage ratio? i will carry out experimental...
Mar20-14 09:23 AM
1 547
Hello everyone, the forum looks great and I have been reading it for a long time, but I have only registered. I...
Mar18-14 01:11 PM
10 659
Hello, I am looking for coordinates data for the airfoil NACA 64A416/4416 mod. This airfoil was used on the...
Mar17-14 05:13 PM
3 562
Hello, I am wondering, on a Normal Shock Table, what are the two most right columns supposed to mean? What is...
Mar17-14 09:53 AM
1 506
i have designed and fabricated an ornithopter with flapping frequency of 4Hz and span of 1m...... Actuation of wings...
Mar13-14 10:14 AM
15 2,127
Hi y'alllll!!!! Need some guidance on a little issue, As you very well know, european standards (ecss) exist for...
Mar10-14 08:20 PM
1 586
Hi! I'm breaking my head about the following problem: Consider an A/C at a certain velocity flying at a certain...
Mar10-14 01:51 PM
7 668
Hello! I recently applied for a "Combustor Aero Design" position at GE aviation and I am very optimistic that I will...
Mar8-14 01:18 PM
1 627
Hello, I'm doing a full stress analysis on a complete aircraft engine. so i was looking for documents with full...
Mar5-14 05:49 PM
7 643
Yes, I know the fate Hindenburg. However, as far as I can find: So it seems that contemporary materials are a...
Mar5-14 06:20 AM
10 1,096
I need to calculate the increase in drag due to an airbrake, however the formula includes "semi span". I'm unsure if...
Mar4-14 10:33 PM
1 692
I am not clear about the difference between Pradtl's lifting line theory and Weissinger's. The latter is applied to...
Mar4-14 05:12 AM
0 624
For Fanno flow, there is no change in h0 since no heat transfer and shaft work. I am wondering whether friction does...
Feb28-14 01:44 PM
2 659
Hi everyone, In my project work, I have to "rebuild" the Handley Page HP.115 aircraft, using the simulator in my...
Feb28-14 12:17 PM
0 677
So, I'm in college studying Aerospace Engineering and I'm going to enter a contest of airplane models. Summing it up,...
Feb25-14 10:45 PM
1 700
If I have a problem in which the laminar/turbulent transition point is said to be 50% the mean aerodynamic chord, how...
Feb23-14 11:29 AM
1 720
Hi, Simply my question is : How do I calculate the angle of attack as a function of chamber line. where chamber...
Feb22-14 08:02 PM
2 734
Hello, How is it possible to calculate the static thrust from a fan given power, radius, air density, and propellor...
Feb21-14 02:51 PM
13 1,006
Hi Can someone tell me how exactly (physically and mathematically) is the nozzle exhaust plane defined? I...
Feb14-14 06:49 AM
2 1,021
This is a section from the Pan Air user's guide (Pan Air is a aerodynamic panel-method flow solver). I'm...
Feb13-14 02:13 PM
1 1,329
Hey everyone! I'm currently going through the process of apply to universities, and I am looking to demonstrate my...
Feb13-14 01:38 PM
1 1,044
My classmates and I are working on a senior design project where we optimize a baseline turbofan for supersonic...
Feb10-14 12:42 PM
0 874
Can a wind tunnel get up to scramjet speeds; ie. Mach 6-12?
Feb8-14 06:20 PM
5 859
What is the difference between UAV-TT and UAV-MC ?
Feb6-14 04:49 PM
0 888
Hello everyone, I joined today in an attempt to get some help with a "rudder" im trying to build for remote control...
Feb2-14 03:44 AM
1 980
Hello, I am new to Aerodynamics and am having trouble understanding what exactly the roll damping derivative is. ...
Jan30-14 05:15 PM
1 951

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