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Aerospace Engineering

- Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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these two term are different but from photos the two components looks quiet alike..i had done some search but can't...
Jul15-11 07:49 AM
3 2,485
Hi all, I came across this interesting paper the other night: ...
Jul14-11 10:44 PM
1 3,145
Hi all, I am currently doing a Year 12/HSC engineering assignment on aeronautical engineering. I need to construct a...
Jul12-11 12:14 AM
0 1,857
I will soon be starting to design either a transonic or hypersonic military aircraft. I'm just curious what software...
Jul9-11 11:27 AM
14 17,051
I'm writing a paper on MHD. I wanted to know briefly about 1. why is MHD no longer a very popular idea. 2. Whether...
Jul8-11 08:52 AM
Urmi Roy
7 2,884
Hi guys, I'm Brazilian I started studying aeronautical engineering, now I'm still learning English too. I am a...
Jul2-11 03:48 PM
3 1,963
Hello! Im new and recently figured out how to make wind tunnels in 3ds max and Maya. Im helping to develop a sci-fi...
Jul1-11 08:11 AM
3 2,774
Hello, I'm trying to calculate the following equation which is the derivative in 'x' of a distribution function:...
Jun30-11 07:36 PM
5 2,335
Hello my friends! I'm a freshman(14 years old) and i want to be an aerospace engineer or an astrophysicist or an...
Jun26-11 09:46 PM
7 3,042
According to Wikipedia: the propulsive efficiency of a rocket is...
Jun23-11 03:45 AM
2 2,278
hi guys i need to think up a project to do as my dissertation next year. i had to choose but unfortunately i didnt get...
Jun15-11 09:40 PM
1 2,233
Is a Stirling engine capable of the power-to-weight ratio necessary for powering aircraft, and even helicopters in...
Jun14-11 11:00 PM
0 3,125
Hi, I am trying to obtain a relation for calculating the deflection of a parabolic plate of thickness (say 't')...
Jun9-11 09:35 AM
4 2,696
Hello, my name is William Moore; I am aspiring to be an Aero-Nautical/Aerospace-Engineer when I have completed my...
Jun8-11 12:35 PM
2 2,551
I read that nuclear power when used for propulsion of a vehicle can be very efficient for example nuclear powered...
Jun7-11 09:52 PM
16 5,326
hey...i just completed my third year in mechanical engineering in India...i took this branch so that i could...
Jun3-11 07:07 AM
0 1,408
From the little research I've done, I've gathered that to double major at any university, there must be great overlap...
Jun1-11 07:38 PM
5 2,790
I'm hoping that someone can guide me toward some literature on 'rocket science'. I know that is not very descriptive,...
Jun1-11 02:44 PM
4 1,930
I'm trying to finish a report on the how effective six sigma is on Aerospace organization. Can you take 30 sec of your...
May31-11 09:18 PM
2 2,755
I recently came across an article detailing some old top secret aircraft which got declassified. Here are a few of...
May29-11 06:23 PM
0 2,904
Hey, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I was wondering if anybody could help me. Basically I...
May29-11 08:33 AM
31 10,707
hi, I want to find the reliability of a landing gear, shall I consider the hydraulic system aswell or just the...
May26-11 05:00 AM
1 1,874
Something interesting popped-up in the Bin Laden raid photos: a previously unknown stealth helicopter! ...
May23-11 10:31 PM
12 3,790
Can anybody point me in the direction of some documentation that can help me to distinguish between these two fuels? ...
May23-11 06:55 PM
1 2,481
What is the price of cheapest turbofan engine.Does soemone know the price of Pratt and Whitney PW600?
May23-11 04:14 PM
1 3,162
Hello, I am just starting college and I have been intending on getting my BA in Aerospace Engineering but lately...
May22-11 05:48 PM
2 2,044
I was thinking about the design of the Sikorsky X2 and S-69 concepts today, and I thought of an interesting idea. I am...
May18-11 12:25 PM
2 2,132
Hi, I'm working on a project for a mech engineering class where we have to design a remote control vehicle to carry a...
May16-11 08:10 AM
8 3,117
parahydrogen in to the orthohydrogen??
May16-11 06:39 AM
5 3,700
I am looking into how small (minimize surface area) a glider could be to be foot land. I would like to look into...
May13-11 09:13 PM
0 1,620
I have done a lab experiment, to determine the coefficient of lift for an aerofoil, keeping the angle of attack...
May12-11 03:54 PM
5 4,037
Would anybody be able to give me a simple definition on the question below. Thanks Dylan  What are oblique shock...
May10-11 03:37 AM
7 2,503
Calculate the firing times for the acceleration and deceleration leg of the mission described below and also the...
May1-11 11:51 PM
0 1,049
Hi I want to know some "academic books" in some aerospace courses and the college or the university that rely on...
May1-11 08:20 AM
5 1,635
I'll be concentrating in/researching aerodynamics and CFD. Will I be doing the programming/mesh generation/code...
Apr30-11 05:26 PM
4 1,416
I'm looking to generate a C-grid for an airfoil using Matlab with clustering at the surface and wake region. I've...
Apr30-11 03:45 PM
0 1,878
Am a second year be student.While in a discussion in class my professor posed this question to us"Why does the LPG...
Apr30-11 09:31 AM
3 2,121
hello :) i'm new here and it is the 1st time i post a thread here .... now please correct me if i'm wrong......
Apr28-11 10:34 PM
2 2,751
Hoping one will look nice in my new living room, I want one constructed about 7 feet high. I think I understand the...
Apr26-11 09:59 PM
0 1,496
Hello everyone, I am new here, came here to meet some experts and solve my problems :) I am working on a...
Apr25-11 07:14 PM
1 3,917

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