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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Jul22-14 10:36 AM
49 125,345
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Jun7-14 08:10 AM
26 70,551
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 191,392
Hi dear All Sorry for a stupid question, but I am really newbe in M. I have some function, for example D,r]. Now I...
Jun3-13 05:47 PM
Bill Simpson
7 3,288
I borrowed a high-quality oscilloscope from Tektronix and when we did our measurements, I basically printscreened each...
Jun3-13 05:08 PM
2 936
So to get a better edge on our experiment my professor asked if I could take the pictures from cameras which are...
Jun2-13 09:57 AM
Bill Simpson
3 976
Hi friends I wanna get 3variable integral from a function which is in terms of x,y,z,m,a but I know that a=0.01...
Jun1-13 01:12 AM
5 1,936
Hi to all. I want your opinion about which software is the most suitable for rendering 3D graphics in order to...
May31-13 11:37 AM
6 1,524
Hi to all! Again I have a question in mathematica. Lets us define a system of equations e.q. eqs1 =-0.17544...
May31-13 07:07 AM
2 772
Basically, I'm supposed to write my name using splines in Matlab. Now, I'm having some trouble getting a parametric...
May28-13 04:19 PM
1 3,873
As a class assignment, we were required to write a program that calculated the basis functions and also plot the...
May22-13 01:56 PM
10 6,733
After using Matlab here and there whilst I was at university, I thought that although it was very powerful, its use...
May21-13 06:33 AM
3 1,031
Is it somehow possible to do it in LATEX? I googled it but I couldn't find anything that would work for me.
May15-13 11:47 PM
5 1,297
how to install SRIM software on windows 7?
May15-13 01:04 PM
3 2,166
I have been looking for an integration calculator. I need to solve \int_0^{\pi} \frac{\cos (a \cos \theta)}{\sin...
May14-13 08:20 PM
7 1,304
Hi all, I need to rearrange my data. I have an excel file with 12 columns and 2045 rows, which I transformed that...
May13-13 12:40 PM
geoffrey g
8 1,067
Hi, I am trying to incorporate the following equation into Matlab in the red: ...
May12-13 07:04 PM
3 897
I have posted a question on here before regarding the generation of a number sequence. I followed up that question...
May12-13 03:59 PM
3 970
Hi PF, I would like to simulate N th order markov chain (not by means of hidden markov models, but ordinary...
May11-13 12:10 PM
1 1,047
\sum_{k=0}^{∞} (t-2k) = f(t) where u is the step function and the graph of this is supposed to be 45 degree lines...
May11-13 08:37 AM
4 1,369
Hello. I am using windows 7, MikTex, and Texmaker to create LaTeX files. I am a novice user, and am confused about...
May10-13 01:39 PM
4 986
I find that I don't have the symbolic toolbox. Due to this, I'm not being able to differentiate by using the usual...
May10-13 07:51 AM
Urmi Roy
3 1,685
Is there any software for simulating physical phenomena? I've googled it and found one named Physion. It is great...
May10-13 05:56 AM
3 1,129
I have a formula for the fibonacci sequence (with 1 being the first) and I noticed that the 12th fibonacci number was...
May8-13 09:48 PM
3 1,062
Hello! I'm writing a paper where I'm going to use markov models to evalute a device. My base for this paper is the...
May8-13 03:27 PM
1 1,083
Hi, How can I set Matlab to display all the calculation results? I am solving the system of ODEs with large...
May8-13 09:45 AM
4 1,035
Latex produces some really good looking documents and because of this I tried to pick it up. I was hoping it would...
May7-13 01:20 AM
11 1,222
I'm translating some code from Fortran77 to Matlab and I'm struggling due to the sentence GO TO is not valid in...
May6-13 08:39 AM
1 970
Say I wanted to create a fractal that had 'special features' at 3 different points on the plane. Is it possible to...
May2-13 08:09 AM
0 758
I have a very large ANSYS model with many loads and load cases that results in an array of stresses and strains. I...
May2-13 07:55 AM
0 769
There was not enough room to fit my graphs in the text where they were supposed to go so latex put them in the next...
Apr29-13 07:56 PM
11 1,372
I'm trying to use a frisbee flight simulation made by Sarah Hummel, but I'm having a hard time running it in Matlab. ...
Apr28-13 06:34 AM
5 1,794
format long n = inputdlg('Please enter a series of numbers seperated by spaces/commas: ') numbers =...
Apr25-13 10:56 AM
4 1,028
Hi all, I have a simple question about 3D plotting. Consider this simple loop, which provides y and O for any x....
Apr24-13 01:35 AM
1 990
hi people, I've just recently started using matlab (last week) and 've already got plenty of problems. Could anyone...
Apr23-13 03:11 PM
13 1,633
Hello! I am having trouble using the SimPowerSystems library from simulink to simulate circuits (with the powergui...
Apr23-13 02:46 PM
2 989
I'm looking for a good book on numerical methods. I know most of the basic algorithms but one that delves more into...
Apr20-13 02:15 AM
1 986
Which program is the best for math and physics? What do you think about Maple 17?
Apr17-13 12:42 PM
2 1,281
Hi I'm currently working on a project which involves solving the rocket launch differential equations to find the...
Apr16-13 01:56 PM
0 1,238
Hey, guys How can the following equation be entered into matlab: ...
Apr13-13 08:24 PM
1 1,007
Hi, I try to operate FeynArts, I installed by << FeynArts` Then I typed $ tops := CreateTopologies;
Apr13-13 03:23 PM
1 1,131
Please try: Integrate Integrate on your version. My Options GenerateConditions-> Automatic. In the first case,...
Apr13-13 03:21 PM
0 895
Is anybody here able to work as well on the computer with something such as latex as with pencil and paper? Sometimes...
Apr11-13 10:41 PM
Ben Niehoff
10 2,090

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