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What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,020
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,376
editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,221
I can't come up with the code to solve for a and b in terms of x and y. x + I y = Sqrt In:= Clear Solve, {a,...
Jan20-10 06:56 PM
11 3,271
Hello, I have a function to return the Normal, Binormal and Tangent vectors of a curve defined by lots of x,y,z...
Jan21-10 12:14 PM
0 3,173
Hi, I ran this program: P = Table, {i, 0, 3}, {j, 0, 2}] For0, j <= 2, j++, Subscript = 2] MatrixForm What...
Jan21-10 07:57 PM
2 1,739
DSolve == (\ - (x - 1)^2) x, x == 0.004}, x, t] I get the following message: Solve::tdep: The equations...
Jan24-10 01:43 AM
5 2,442
I'm working with Mathematica, I know how to plot a 3D graph, and I know how to plot a 2D vector field. But I want to...
Jan24-10 02:01 AM
0 1,612
hi,could someone please tell me how to download revtex-4-1 (or revtex4). ive downloaded the zip files but i dont no...
Jan24-10 04:16 AM
4 4,388
I'm attempting to get an output of a specific cartesian oval (or oval of descartes, the perfect imaging system in...
Jan24-10 03:40 PM
1 1,652
I just got Mathematica last night and am trying to use it for the first time. I'm trying to plot a graph ...
Jan25-10 08:54 AM
3 988
Hi, I am using a Matlab program called f2matlab, which converts fortran 90 code to matlab code. But I keep on...
Jan26-10 01:57 PM
14 51,003
Hi, I'm from Brazil and I need help! In my dissertation, I did some testing of Communication Voip and used Markov...
Jan26-10 06:53 PM
0 1,531
Hi, I found this mathematica packages file and can't use it.... "The "FixedTalbotNumericalLaplaceInversion.m"...
Jan26-10 08:20 PM
2 2,116
so i'm writing a maple procedure for the variational principle in quantum mechanics. i have a function...
Jan27-10 03:12 PM
0 1,092
Good day to all, 1) I find difficulty on putting two 2D graphs into one figure. If same command it is easy to do...
Jan27-10 07:04 PM
2 6,263
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Hi, I'm trying to simulate an electrostatic craft going...
Jan28-10 04:39 AM
2 4,837
Can anyone recommend a book to learn matlab for someone who is a complete beginner at matlab, but already knows a few...
Jan28-10 12:59 PM
2 1,840
I attempted to use the Maple 13 'tensor' package to solve the G_{rr} component of the Einstein_tensor for a General...
Jan28-10 03:04 PM
3 3,613
I have a function which depends on several physical constants, which I want to be able to vary each time I make a...
Jan29-10 09:24 AM
5 2,550
Hello all, I came across this free math program, wxMaxima, in a General Relativity textbook. I downloaded it and...
Jan29-10 09:47 AM
1 2,178
looking for a good suggestion on what to use to create math text documents
Jan30-10 07:05 AM
The legend
4 1,760
Hey all, I'm sure this is simple, but I can't seem to find the answer in the Maple help section. When drawing 3D...
Jan30-10 08:25 PM
1 2,443
Hello, I've been attempting to learn how to use COMSOL and ANSYS to create and model a simple solenoid (iron core,...
Feb1-10 01:23 PM
2 10,795
Hi all I'm am looking for a smart way to make the following conditional in Mathematica: if, .e. if the...
Feb1-10 03:21 PM
2 1,047
My prof asked me to find a latex document style that is not one of the four basic built in styles...
Feb2-10 08:12 AM
2 2,157
Dear all, i want to make a table in latex...using multicolumn i attached a picture of the table... Please provide...
Feb2-10 08:19 AM
1 903
I have some data in a text file. I want to import this data into Mathematica, and then I want to calculate the...
Feb2-10 08:06 PM
6 6,596
I got the code from my textbook and it is supposed to work in matlab function r = midpoint(a,b,f,n) f = fcnchk(f);...
Feb4-10 09:25 AM
1 1,852
Hey All, Quick question hope someone can help. Does anyone know how to write the result from a program in MATLAB to...
Feb4-10 05:39 PM
5 72,724
Good day to all, I need help on how to change font size for numbers in x and y axis. For axes label I could change...
Feb4-10 10:32 PM
1 16,852
Dear all, I want to make a vertical line in table.. I use this following latex codes \begin{table} \caption{Some...
Feb5-10 07:17 AM
2 1,006
Hi I intend to use a interactive program I have written in mathematica in a presentation. But it has become...
Feb5-10 07:28 PM
1 2,020
I have an interpolating function in mathematica and just want to find when it takes a certain value, seems simple, but...
Feb5-10 07:31 PM
1 3,066
I need to use multimedia elements for a 'Design a Room' project. This project is aimed at 8th grade geometry students....
Feb6-10 12:58 AM
1 849
I'm making a video in MATLAB using "avifile" command like so: VelDist = avifile(,'compression','None'); ... ...
Feb6-10 07:08 PM
0 903
I am using the ilaplace command from matlab and it keeps spitting out the dirac delta function. I typed the exact...
Feb7-10 12:09 PM
2 3,159
Hello, I am trying to store the results in the form of an array every time the code goes through a loop. This is...
Feb7-10 02:19 PM
6 14,945
Good day to all, I'm trying to construct a m x m (size) matrix which have 1/2 on the diagonal, zeros to the lower...
Feb7-10 08:22 PM
3 1,379
I am looking for freeware which enable the simulation of a system with 3 mirrors, a laser, and a detector. So far I've...
Feb7-10 08:25 PM
1 1,018
Hi all, I just recently begin using matlab optimization toolbox. I need to use its ga solver to optimize a vehicle...
Feb7-10 10:59 PM
0 2,386
Hi everybody! I have some troubles with the farfield probes of the software CST MWS. I am designing a loop antenna...
Feb8-10 05:39 AM
0 1,637
Hello Here is my code: i = 1; j = 1; S = zeros(11,11); while i < 12
Feb8-10 09:52 AM
1 6,842

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