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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,751
we know that at temperature above 0K, in semiconductor some electron collecting sufficient energy fron surroundings to...
Sep12-08 12:36 AM
1 1,156
why does light go through glass but not through other forms of matter?
Sep11-08 06:50 PM
2 2,516
Hi, In all the tutorials of DFT softwares I have encountered computing of the band structure for different systems...
Sep11-08 08:23 AM
3 3,153
In case of indirect transition in an indirect semiconductor material, momentum as well as energy changes. I got from...
Sep11-08 07:13 AM
2 3,509
Hi everyone. Is there anyone that can explane the band bending, whiche takes plane when a metal and a semiconductor...
Sep10-08 01:26 PM
2 4,067
Right, hello! The quantum free electron model for electrons in solids (in One dimension) says we need to use...
Sep9-08 11:02 AM
4 3,748
Hi everyone, Recently I am working with a research which involves some semiconductors. In the basic level,...
Sep8-08 10:24 AM
10 4,015
I'm trying to calculate how many carbon impurity atoms can fit into an FCC and BCC structure of Iron. It's given that...
Sep8-08 07:35 AM
0 3,400
Here's the issue I'm trying to wade through: 1. If you excite electrons from valence band to conduction band (with...
Sep7-08 08:35 PM
4 1,714
Nitric Oxide is slightly polar. Is it ferroelectric? Sai
Sep5-08 03:27 AM
0 1,279
I am having trouble understand the crystal structure or copper oxide and what the first brillouin zone looks like.
Sep1-08 08:57 AM
2 1,780
While reading papers on various topics in physics i have become very embarrassed with the meaning of such a word as...
Aug30-08 07:57 AM
0 1,397
Atomic planes are defined as the reciprocal quantities 1/u' , 1/v' and 1/w' transformed to the smallest three integers...
Aug29-08 02:50 AM
2 2,647
Why doesn't BCS theory work for explaining cooper pairs in cuprate superconductors?
Aug28-08 10:49 AM
21 3,761
Hello to every one. I'm presently embarking on a problem about electron emission under applied electric field. Of...
Aug28-08 08:22 AM
11 1,989
I tried to get a grasp on BCS theory by reading the Wikipedia article It says...
Aug28-08 04:25 AM
11 2,047
From Wikipedia: "Phonons are not always in local thermal equilibrium; they move along the thermal gradient. They lose...
Aug27-08 07:19 PM
5 2,729
I'm studying A2 (second year college) physics and im supposed to be finding out about the size of an atom and how it...
Aug27-08 05:53 AM
6 5,779
I've gone through undergrad courses of QFT, Solid State Physics and Quantum Statistical Physics but the first one...
Aug24-08 05:34 AM
6 3,145
I heard about a effect in semiconductors where you can trap a electron in a 2d plane. If you have a semiconductor...
Aug23-08 01:10 PM
1 1,987
I guess is Debye temperature dependent on temperature? I.e TD(T)? Does anybody know a theoretical formula for...
Aug20-08 04:56 PM
8 16,540
For photon gas chemical potential is zero. It is because derivate of free energy with respect to number (T, V fixed)...
Aug20-08 02:21 PM
0 1,538
Could anyone tell me what happens to the Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity distribution law under Galilean transformation!!!
Aug19-08 02:30 PM
1 1,752
Hey everyone, This summer I'm working with an Asylum MFP3D Atomic Force Microscope as part of my research. One of...
Aug17-08 12:39 AM
4 1,537
Hallo Everyone, I am trying to find out what happens to the size of a water particle in the gas phase and water...
Aug16-08 11:00 AM
1 7,830
In one dimensional electron gas in charge density wave phase, as I know , the density of electrons will be periodic....
Aug16-08 08:31 AM
2 2,178
Recently I am confused by one question : The problem of Coulomb explosion, the relationship of laser abation...
Aug13-08 11:01 PM
0 1,455
Could someone explain me an elementary introduction to this phenomenon ? i know that it is produced whenever an...
Aug13-08 01:44 AM
1 2,194
Hello all, I don't understand some things concerning reciprocal space. I know how it appears from quantum mechanics...
Aug11-08 11:33 PM
9 3,042
Hi all, I'm doing a MEMS project, I have a cantilever beam with a mass at its end, I need to calculate the stress...
Aug9-08 08:03 PM
Andy Resnick
2 2,920
I understand the stages of matter, and how they can be altered under extreme conditions. but can there be new states...
Aug7-08 11:09 PM
2 1,171
Can the Schroedinger equation be derived from first principles in BCS theory? Zapperz suggests the Madelung and...
Aug6-08 10:55 PM
8 2,228
Hi everybody, I have the following homework assignment: 1. Derive the expression of density of state D(E) in...
Aug5-08 06:33 AM
1 1,345
Hello, I'm a business major who has recently stumbled upon the interesting phenomena of photonic crystals. After...
Aug2-08 02:46 PM
0 1,448
Hello, When the fine structure constant (a) is calculated from the electric and magnetic constants. What does...
Aug2-08 11:16 AM
Count Iblis
18 2,300
I was looking at the values for the Van der Waals radius on various elements in wikipedia and noticed that Molybdenum...
Aug1-08 09:19 AM
5 3,073
does someone know the parameters and the values for the resistivity formula for semiconductor, i know the formula its...
Jul31-08 02:25 PM
0 1,745
This is the case with metals semiconductors polymers and ceramics I have checked on the web. Still looking for...
Jul30-08 07:06 AM
3 1,823
Hi folks, I've recently been studying point defects, but I can't seem to come across how the formation of f-centres...
Jul28-08 10:54 PM
1 1,995
Hi everybody, I don't know how people use the k.p approximation for graphene sheets, while using the Dirac...
Jul27-08 11:16 AM
0 2,109

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