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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,850
Hi, Does anyone know any good Linux/Unix software for analysing optical emission spectra? I've been searching the...
Jan28-09 06:53 PM
Dr Transport
1 1,601
Hi everyone, i wonder if anyone has an idea how to attack chemically an amorphous carbon film. Is it possible to...
Jan28-09 06:48 AM
4 1,799
We know that Pyrolytic carbon is Diamagnetic only in one plane of direction but is it possible to cut it into slices...
Jan28-09 02:05 AM
8 7,769
Hello, folks. Q: How can one measure the density of states of a semiconductor and a conductor? I would imagine you...
Jan27-09 11:56 AM
6 4,897
What exactly does a Bose-Einstein Condensate look like with the naked eye? Is there any special about what it looks...
Jan25-09 03:50 PM
19 2,520
Hi Is there any other effect than the Zeeman effect that can broaden a spectral line in a magnetic field? /Johan
Jan25-09 01:32 PM
4 1,434
Hi guys: Could someone please explain the definition of Urbach energy and its relation with optical absorption?...
Jan25-09 12:38 PM
0 6,199
Hi all, I have a doubt regarding interaction energy term between atoms of crystal. 1.) Actually in interaction energy...
Jan25-09 08:41 AM
0 981
hi which expermient we should do to proof that a material's semiconductor?? thanks for replying
Jan25-09 08:08 AM
5 2,577
How to separate the spectrum of cadmium in the experiment zeeman effect to two lines if we look at it in parallel to...
Jan24-09 03:26 PM
0 1,435
Hello, any one knows a good article that describes the first-principles calculations please link or type the title of...
Jan24-09 03:19 PM
1 848
I'm working on some calculations on Al0.35Ga0.65As & In0.65Al0.45As. Someone can tell me where i can find the...
Jan24-09 01:57 PM
Dr Transport
2 1,254
Hi, can anyone explain how miller indices can be determined for high index planes? For example, why is it that ...
Jan21-09 09:44 PM
1 2,414
Hi everyone, I would like to know what exactly is a "smearing" and a "smearing width" and its relationship with the...
Jan21-09 09:35 PM
1 3,227
Dunno whether this is the right place for this question! but As it is related to subatomic particles, I think it is!!...
Jan21-09 02:21 PM
9 1,742
Hello to every one! I plan to undertake some studies in ferroelectric-related structual phase transition. Would...
Jan21-09 07:28 AM
0 1,078
Hi. I have 2 questions about second-order coherence g2(t): 1) For collision-broadened light according to the...
Jan20-09 03:52 AM
1 2,162
ehim ehim...hello, I wonder if any one knows about “group theory” which is helpful in describing band gap structure...
Jan19-09 05:39 PM
Dr Transport
1 2,546
If the cooper pair phase of a superconductor is fixed. Is there a phase -. particle number uncertainty like in...
Jan18-09 02:10 PM
1 1,110
Maybe this counts as computational physics, or statistics I don't know where this topic belongs. Ok so I have this...
Jan18-09 07:08 AM
2 1,356
I was watching a documentary about Paul Dirac and his work and I have a pretty basic question. Matter is made of...
Jan17-09 07:42 PM
7 4,169
in a single atom can more than one electron be transitioning between electron shells at the same time? can the atom...
Jan17-09 05:56 PM
3 815
Hi guys i have a question about how semiconductor materials absorb photons at less than the band gap energy....
Jan17-09 11:02 AM
4 2,295
Is there any difference between atomic shells and orbitals because I heard orbitals are somewhat like...
Jan17-09 10:25 AM
0 3,969
the equation for the energy levels of a hydrogen-like atom is: ...
Jan16-09 11:02 AM
7 3,841
Hi, could you explain me polarization dependence of SOA amplifiers. and how to transfer the transverse...
Jan13-09 12:40 AM
1 1,695
Doing some theory research on Superconductivity, I stumbled on a few of the monsters hidden in the closet of QFT....
Jan12-09 05:15 PM
7 2,301
calculating the stable orbitals for multielectron atoms is so complex that AFAIK it cant be done accurately. so how...
Jan11-09 01:55 AM
0 1,105
Hi I have a question about the interaction of electrons with a dielectric matter; I am not sure if electrons can...
Jan10-09 05:38 AM
2 1,032
Hello all, I am beginning a study on II-VI semiconductors and I have read numerous theoretical papers that...
Jan9-09 08:53 AM
0 1,359
Hello, Please could someone explain what properties an icosahedral quasi crystal has which make it differ from a...
Jan8-09 11:40 AM
1 1,441
Hello all, I want to know if decreasing the size of material has effects on its ionic properties? I mean,...
Jan8-09 08:28 AM
0 1,490
hello. I'm studying a project on Thz radiation and have to establish what material would make a good THz detector....
Jan8-09 05:53 AM
3 2,506
I'm wondering what determines Si indirect semiconductor? Si is cubic diamond structure. So it's optically and...
Jan7-09 09:01 PM
Dr Transport
2 9,802
I found atomic spectral data on the hydrogen atom, more specifically the first isotope of the hydrogen atom, protium. ...
Jan7-09 01:05 PM
10 2,691
Experiment: Take a known quantity of water in a container. The container walls should be able to sustain high amounts...
Jan7-09 11:12 AM
0 1,025
To the moderator: please move this to the section on differential equations if you think it would be better there. ...
Jan5-09 02:36 PM
6 6,651
To the moderator: I'm not sure if this should go here or in the Computational Physics forum. Please shift it there if...
Jan4-09 09:06 PM
7 4,785
On what principle does a substance sublime? I mean , does it work towards thermal equillibrium and hence the gain in...
Jan4-09 01:05 AM
3 7,496
Greetings, I'm trying to get an intuitive understanding about a process involving an ion mobility that (I'm told) has...
Jan4-09 12:53 AM
2 1,617

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