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- The study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter. Biochemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
chemical, latex, typeset Sticky Thread Pinned: Chemical LaTeX typeset ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Physicsforums now has a very cool feature, which enables complex typesetting for formulas or equations! A tutorial...
Jul7-13 04:53 PM
64 157,410
chemistry, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Good chemistry websites ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I think that these links can be interesting: PeriodicTable:
Aug20-14 04:40 PM
Andrew Tsvyk
116 150,108
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:03 PM
0 41,709
Hey, could anybody plz explain what are delta bonds, how and why are they formed?
Nov14-10 07:34 PM
6 9,189
Ash (sodium carbonate) sometimes appears on soap while it is in the mold, or while it is curing. It is supposed that...
Nov12-10 05:37 PM
12 11,984
There are often posts on the soapmaking forums about using one's own soap before it is cured. Curing time for soaps...
Nov10-10 06:09 PM
5 4,365
I know the rate equations for a parallel reaction are d/dt =-k1-k2 d/dt =k1 d/dt =k2 and I know that the...
Nov7-10 03:04 PM
1 2,608
hi, i believe there is a clear cut relationship between the pauli exclusion principle and the...
Nov7-10 02:55 PM
1 871
There is such thing as a orthorhombic body centered crystal lattice. I am wondering why this is the case see the...
Nov4-10 04:33 AM
4 2,287
The acid: Hydrochloric What happens step by step? I am unfamiliar with acids and bases, so I just want to know whats...
Nov12-10 11:34 PM
2 3,839
I'm not a chemist, but I was wondering there are any promising fields in mathematical chemistry. Not necessarily...
Nov10-10 11:26 AM
3 2,560
Is there a website where you can enter the Compound's chemical formula and it's will give us the names of elements? ...
Nov4-10 04:00 AM
10 1,368
In order to understand some areas of chemistry I have gotten interested in, I believe it in my best interest to learn...
Nov3-10 04:56 PM
5 2,129
When energy is to be gained correct? It takes more energy to take a valence electron off Na than energy is gained when...
Nov5-10 02:49 PM
4 990
Please note: this is NOT a homework question. I am reviewing my notes for next week's quiz and I need some...
Nov4-10 01:01 AM
3 13,319
\Delta H_{f}\circ=-1670kJ/mol for Al_{2}O_{3} What is \Delta H_{rxn}\circ for...
Nov4-10 03:23 AM
1 5,192
pls give me the detail notes for what is Hard water and softwater, Method to remove of Hardness,,,,,,,Hlep me
Nov4-10 08:10 AM
1 1,274
Here is a little concept I have difficulty reasoning it out and I was hoping if someone can guide me through it. ...
Nov7-10 02:39 PM
1 2,314
The question i am stuck on is "If 2.9g of ethanol burn with the evolution of 87 kj of heat, what is the molar heat of...
Nov4-10 02:07 PM
3 3,203
I wanted to perform some experiments on enzyme rates and chose amylase as it is easy to obtain. However, I wanted it...
Nov6-10 06:59 AM
4 4,101
Using a very simple set up with high school kids, Zinc Plate *on* Filter paper soaked in ZnSO4 *on*...
Nov5-10 06:26 AM
3 2,216
I must derive the 1/4th life expression for a first order rxn. ln(\frac{_{\circ}}{_{t}})=kt...
Nov6-10 05:20 AM
2 2,385
I am currently working on a project analysing inhibitors of a heme enzyme which oxidises an indole molecule. We have...
Nov5-10 08:04 AM
0 957
Assume that all the mass of an atom is concentrated in his nuclear it have a Ball-shaped with a radius r=1.5x10^-5pm...
Nov6-10 11:58 AM
4 989
We stay in orbit around the sun? Our own planet's kinetic energy keeps it from succumbing to the Sun's gravity, same...
Nov9-10 01:26 AM
2 3,050
For example, the stronger an acid the more the Ions disassociate in an aqueous solution, right? If I have the idea...
Nov6-10 05:24 AM
3 1,779
The strength of an acid is determined by the amount of it per volume ionizes right? So is it safe to say acids, when...
Nov7-10 11:34 AM
7 2,382
I have to write an empirical formula for these ionic materials: Al N Sr I so i know that Al gives 3 electrons and...
Nov7-10 05:41 AM
2 888
In an attempt to create Rochelle salt crystals using cream of Tartar(or what I thought was cream of tartar) and sodium...
Nov8-10 07:17 AM
4 1,988
How do you figure out what the shape of molecules are. For example, Water. 1 part oxygen and 2 parts hydrogen with...
Nov9-10 10:00 AM
1 1,580
According to the Brønsted-Lowry definition, a base is a compound that can -keyword- accept H+, and an acid anything...
Nov7-10 12:29 PM
2 1,764 Using this reference...
Nov8-10 02:26 AM
1 1,100
Is dried superglue flammable? I am using superglue to deposit abrasive particles in a groove which runs the length of...
Nov8-10 05:50 AM
1 3,626
How are enantiomers and conformers of a optically active compund different..?? In other words an enantiomeric pair...
Nov8-10 09:34 PM
2 1,609
??? Or the process chemistry behind the synthesis of Carbon 60
Nov8-10 11:38 PM
1 769
how can i know what the names of the molecules in this list:C3H8. SO3, F2, KBr (the numbers need to be little)...
Nov9-10 12:13 PM
5 1,854
I'm trying to figure out the mechanism for the reaction between phthalic anhydride and a primary amine, yielding an...
Nov13-10 04:55 AM
3 3,527
I have noted big disagreements of a scale of hundreds of degrees centigrade in published values for the boiling...
Nov9-10 04:53 PM
1 962
I've noticed there aren't many useful templates that come with ChemDraw. Anyone know a good site for downloading...
Nov12-10 01:59 PM
1 10,002
I did a lab using an electrochemical cell to establish a relationship between cell potential and concentration. I...
Nov11-10 03:11 AM
1 906
Hi just wondering if you could help, Ive stumbled across an example question where the iron purity is meant to be...
Nov13-10 05:55 PM
1 2,929
I have two materials that I have to decide who has a higher boiling point C2H5OH-CH3OH this is the First duo here i...
Nov14-10 08:38 AM
7 4,063
When the electrons in silicon are excited by visible light and jump into the conduction band how do the electrons...
Nov15-10 01:47 AM
1 1,647

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