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  1. HansBu

    Differential Equations for AC Circuits -- Design a circuit that satisfies this differential equation

    where: 𝑣𝑖𝑛(𝑡)=0.3𝑐𝑜𝑠100𝑡 I have read all over the internet that this differential equation can be solved by isolating the term with the highest degree on one side of the equation. After doing so, I integrated it. However after integrating, I don't know that the next step is. Can anyone help me...
  2. C

    I How do I calculate the expected Gain?

    I am doing an experiment in electronics with AC RLC circuits, But there are a few things about what I need to do that I don't understand. First: While I know in the circuit diagram we include the internal resistance of the Inductor in series, but I don't know why we include it in series rather...
  3. P

    Resistance and capacitance in LCR circuits

    Homework Statement The output voltage, V_(out) (t) ‡ q(t) /C, effectively measures the charge on the capacitor as a function of time, where q(t) is an exponentially damped simple-harmonic oscillation: a) Given that L = 0.05 mH, the square-wave frequency is 25kHz, and the ringing decays to 40%...
  4. J

    Engineering AC Circuits help

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble solving this particular circuit Thanks in advance. <Moved to Homework, no template completed>
  5. Peter Andrews

    Finding displacement current in an AC capacitor circuit

    Homework Statement A capacitor is made of two parallel plates of area A, separation d. It is being charged by an AC source. Show that the displacement current inside the capacitor is the same as the conduction current. Homework Equations Idisp = ε(dΦE/dt) Q = CV C = Aε/d Xc = 1/(2πƒC) Q(t)...
  6. R

    Engineering Calculating values of impedance in a series/parallel circuit

    Homework Statement Hello everyone, I have recently come under some stress from not being able to get these answers correct. I need to calculate these values: Zeq IT XL2 XL1 VR1 VR2 VL1 VL2 For this series circuit: And these values: Zeq IT XL2 XL1 IR1 IR2 IL1 IL2 For this parallel...
  7. 2

    Engineering Question about dc to ac circuits in solar panels?

    Homework Statement It can be shown that a square wave can be represented by a sum of sine waves as given by the formula below v = v0sinωot + v1sinω1t + v2sinω2t + v3sinω3t +..... Solar cells have an output that is dc. The pd across a cell depends on the incident radiation and the efficiency...
  8. 159753x

    Calculating voltage division for an AC circuit?

    Homework Statement A series RL circuit is connected to a 110-V ac source. If the voltage across the resistor is 85 V, find the voltage across the inductor. Homework Equations V = IR The Attempt at a Solution How does one go about solving this? My intuition tells me that KVL must be...
  9. G

    Engineering AC Circuits (RL circuit)

    Homework Statement In the circuit shown in Figure Q2(b), two loads A and B are connected to the source. The cable connecting the power supply to the load is modeled as series R and L of values R = 0.1Ω, L = 0.1 mH as shown in the figure. The loads have the following specifications...