large numbers

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    I Could fundamental laws change in Dirac's Large Numbers Hypothesis?

    Paul Dirac proposed a hypothesis called "Large Numbers Hypothesis" (, where he basically stated that, if he was correct, laws of physics would change with time. But what about fundamental laws and constants? (Not only 'effective'...
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    Did Paul Dirac believe in multiple universes?

    Prominent physicist Paul Dirac proposed a hypothesis that indicated that constants and laws of physics would evolve with time into different constants and laws of nature ( This hypothesis was used by Robert Dicke...
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    Dealing with 1000 digit numbers

    Hi, Mostly i work with Octave / Matlab but i am trying to get into python also. Lately i have a couple problems where my numbers can't be represented in binary64 or float64 default format because they exceed the max of 1.8x10^308. Is there a common way people deal with this (without toolkits)...