What is Csv: Definition and 17 Discussions

ČSV is an initialism used to promote Sámi identity and activism. The three letters are the most commonly used in Sámi languages, and together they can stand for a variety of phrases, although the most common modern meaning is Čájet Sámi Vuoiŋŋa! (Show Sámi Spirit).

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  1. hilbert2

    Python Monitoring a CSV file that is continuously updated

    Suppose some program writes its output into a CSV table and is adding new rows to it all the time. How would I write a Python or Bash script that monitors the last element of the last row of this CSV file in real time and makes a warning sound if it exceeds some limiting value? This would be...
  2. D

    Java Read a csv file and process the data

    public static Region fromFile(String name, String file) { Region r = new Region(name); List<String> lines = readData(file); String[] headers = lines.remove(0).split(";"); Map<String, Integer> h2i = new HashMap<>(); for (int i=0; i<headers.length...
  3. Arman777

    Python How to Write Python Output into an Excel CSV File?

    I have a code like from random import randint from string import ascii_lowercase file = open("data.txt", "w") numbers = [] for j in range(26): # generating a list of random number random_num = [randint(0, 7) for i in range(120)] numbers.append(random_num) # matching these numbers...
  4. devadmin

    Need linux/python help with writing to csv file in cron

    I'm writing a simple script that writes to a csv file. When ran from console it works fine. When ran with cron, it doesn't write. No errors in the log. All files and folders are 777. The cron is active and running. What am I missing?
  5. R

    Fortran Reading a specific column from .csv into fortran

    Hi, I am using fortran to read specific columns from a .csv file. the rows in each columns are different, so I wish to read columns wise with a do loop. say, I wish to read from A1 to D20 initially(4 columns of 20 rows), then later f1 to h35 (3 columns, 35 rows). how do I read particular columns...
  6. Z

    LaTeX How Can I Convert a Simple CSV File to a Single Page PDF?

    Hi, I have a really simple CSV with some data that needs to be visualized all together in a single page . The CSV content is basically 4 columns wide with short names and small numbers in the cells so I need to create a layout where the list goes from the up left corner of the page to the...
  7. E

    Python Two separate csv files with some common entries

    Hello, I have two dataframes, df1 and df2. Both have Country column, but one, say df2, has the codes of the country names as well. I wish to extract these codes, and assign them to the corresponding countries in df1. I just don't want to look up and fill the codes manually. I am hoping to find...
  8. hilbert2

    Order CSV Table - Programming Language Code

    I have a little question related to reading, manipulating and writing .CSV table files... Suppose I have a table that has two columns and some number N of rows. The elements of the table have short character strings in them. How would I, with any common programming language, make a code that...
  9. J

    Looking for the fastest open source library to parse CSV

    I would like to to read and process huge CSV files with millions of records, which we collected from the communications carriers' network.Here is my logic as a simplified procedure: 1) Read the CSV file with FTP protocol 2) Parse the CSV file with my own logic, such as combination, duplicates...
  10. D

    [Python] Importing csv files and creating numpy arrays

    So I am fairly new to Python and feel somewhat comfortable with it. I am trying to do something what I think seems kind of simple however am not too experienced with loading files into Python (or any programming language for that matter). What I am trying to do is I have csv files that contain...
  11. O

    Can Virtual Electrons Really Just Pop in and Out of Existence?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please let me know...? If electrons pop in and out of existence, how does that relate to the law of the conservation of matter? The electrons can't just disappear. Are the electrons just visiting the other element in the molecule? Like...
  12. P

    NoSuchElementException when reading CSV file

    Hello, Am writing java, using netbeans, For what should be a simple try.. catch with a while loop, I am getting the error. i have an excel file with the strings i want to display. the file is all fine, checked to make sure no empty cells etc etc. When i get to the second last element, the...
  13. K

    C/C++ Debugging C++ Code to Read CSV File

    I am trying to read from a csv file, the file looks like below: 1,2,3 4,5,6 7,8,9 0 I used getline(Input_file,size,',') but the problem with this is that it seems to see the numbers not separated by commas as one string., for the code below i was expecting the following output: 1...
  14. F

    Fortran [Fortran] problem on reading the csv file

    hi. I have a csv file name Relative which has 24 different data set containing characters as well as numbers. It looks like Date,Hour,Min (RH),Max (RH),Avg (RH) 2012-08-28,0,85.190,87.200,86.325 2012-08-28,1,85.390,88.570,86.775 With reference to one of the thread reply in this forum...
  15. M

    Using multiple variables to generate a table or csv

    Hi All, I am new to mathematica and this kind of work in general, and was looking to score a little help on this thread. I basically need to build a data set that contains city information, country information, coordinates, and weather information. I want to do this using Mathematica's...
  16. N

    Comp Sci Fortran 77: Reading CSV File & Outputting Time, Latitude, Longitude

    Hi guys and gals, I'm trying to use fortran 77 to read a csv file which has data like this...
  17. L

    C/C++ How can I read CSV format in C/C++?

    Hi Guys, I have be trying to read CSV formatted data with C/C++ with no help... The format is following 8/29/2008,19.54,19.6,19.28,19.38,11204900,19.38 8/28/2008,19.48,19.76,19.38,19.65,11729500,19.65 8/27/2008,19.08,19.45,18.93,19.37,9300100,19.37...