operational amplifier

  1. bobg123

    Engineering Circuit input impedance with ground in an OP Amp circuit

    I've been given the following circuit and have been asked to find the input impedance and the impedance between the input terminal and ground. I've never encountered an operational amplifier configured like this. I know that the voltages at the - and + terminals of the op amp are ideally equal...

    How can I plot a graph for these opamp results?

    i have build and simulated the op amp circuit, i have recorded the voltage gain at different frequencies, now i need to plot a graph for the two results in same graph paper, i have not plotted a graph before for the related task so i need to understand from the basics, i need some one to...
  3. A

    Window Comparator Question

    So I've been reading an intro book to electronics and I got to a section about operational amplifiers. It talks about different uses of them and how they can be used as comparators. It then talks about a specific comparator called a window comparator which will output a positive voltage if the...
  4. A

    Operational Amplifiers

    1. Homework Statement Hello, I am trying to Calculate The Resistance Rf and the value of the Voltage V2. The setup is a logarithmic Op amp connected to a differential Op amp. Both Op amps obey the Golden Rules. Attached below is my attempt at the solution and the question. Currently, I have...
  5. O

    What is frequency range?

    I have an op-amp with frequency range 20Hz - 20kHz. Is frequency range the same as bandwidth?
  6. G

    How can I generate a negative supply voltage for an Opamp?

    Hello. I really don't get a concept of a way to generates negative voltage as a one of the supply voltage to typical OP-AMP. (Operational Amplifier) The output voltages is supposed to swing to more than 10 V thus supply voltages to OP-AMP should be +15V and -15V. I'm thinking of supply these...
  7. T

    Op-amp: Current and bandwidth question

    Does current flow through the feedback resistor without going through the op-amp at all? After all, the op-amp is supposed to have very high input impedance right, so if the current just flows through the feedback resistor, wouldn't there be nothing going through the op-amp? Also, how does the...