What is Periodic signal: Definition and 11 Discussions

A periodic function is a function that repeats its values at regular intervals, for example, the trigonometric functions, which repeat at intervals of 2π radians. Periodic functions are used throughout science to describe oscillations, waves, and other phenomena that exhibit periodicity. Any function that is not periodic is called aperiodic.

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  1. E

    Power of first three harmonics of periodic signal

    We know that periodic function can be written in terms of complex Fourier coefficients: $$f(t)=Fn0+\sum_{n=-\infty,n\neq 0}^{n=\infty}F_ne^{jnw_0t}$$, where $$Fn=\frac{1}{T}\int_{\tau}^{\tau+T}f(t)e^{-jnw_0t}dt$$ and $$Fn0$$ is DC component. Power spectrum of signal is defined as...
  2. Dustin11H3

    Angle/Coordinate Calculation for two "Pulley" System

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on here. I figured that I would give it a shot. Just as a quick background: I'm studying electrical engineering and I'm working an internship for a machine manufacturing company now. One of the projects I have been assigned is to come up with a system to...
  3. E

    Convolution Dirac impulse and periodic signal

    Hi ☺️ i have to do a convolution with a periodic signal and a dirac impulse: x(t)=sen(πt)(u(t)−u(t−2)) h(t)=u(t−1)−u(t−3) The first is a periodic graph that intersect axis x in points 0 , 1 and 2 (ecc) The se ing is a rectangle ( Dirac impulse ) that intersect AxiS x in points 1 and 3. For...
  4. cherylt

    Help Needed! Drawing a Half-Wave Sinusoid in Simulink

    Dear all, I am pretty bad at Simulink and I want to draw out a half wave sinusoid with the equation: I(t)=360sin(pi*t/0.4), 0<=t<=0.4 I(t)= 0 , 0.4<t<=1 Any help or suggestions? I've tried using the Sine block with amp=360 and freq=7.85 but the graph looks weird. I want to...
  5. J

    Power contained in a periodic signal (complex exponentials)

    Compute the power contained in the periodic signal x(t) = 10.0[cos(160.7πt)]^4 The problem I have is I end up with a constant value for ak for all values of k -I start by using inverse Euler formula -Do the appropriate integration -Then consider k for odd and even values My working is...
  6. S

    Can I define frequency for an non periodic signal?

    Do non periodic signals have frequency? Because my pretty general rule f = 1/T says that they have zero frequency. But suppose i analyze a voice signal. We generally associate a term frequency with them. If you ever had used audacity you might have noticed that the graph is quite...
  7. T

    Periodicty - Sampling of a periodic signal

    periodicty -- Sampling of a periodic signal... I have a doubt..is a signal which is sampled from a periodic signal also periodic?if so then is there a relation beyween the time period of the two?
  8. H

    Solve Non-Periodic Signal Equation: (1-\nabla^2)B

    Hi, I'm looking for an efficient algorithm to solve this kind of equation : S = (1-\nabla^2)B where both S(x,y) and B(x,y) can both be non-periodic functions. We know S and want to find out what is B. I was wondering if there was a 'well known' method to solve this kind or problem in the...
  9. C

    Are two signals that make up a periodic signal necessarily periodic?

    Homework Statement If a(t) is periodic and is composition of two signals such that a(t) = b(t) + c(t), then are b(t) and c(t) necessarily periodic? 2. The attempt at a solution I think that b(t) and c(t) must be! Is this correct?
  10. V

    Finding Exponential Fourier Series for a Periodic Signal

    Homework Statement For the periodic signal x(t)\,=\,2\,+\,\frac{1}{2}\,cos\left(t\,+\,45^{\circ}\right)\,+\,2\,cos\left(3\,t\right)\,-\,2\,sin\left(4\,t\,+\,30^{\circ}\right) Find the exponential Fourier series.Homework Equations Euler’s Formula...
  11. V

    SHOW: x(at) is a periodic signal with period T/a (a>0)

    Homework Statement If x(t) is a periodic signal with period T, show that x(at), a > 0, is a periodic signal with period \frac{T}{a}, and x\left(\frac{t}{b}\right), b > 0, is a periodic signal with period bT. Homework Equations HINT: Define x_a(t)\,=\,x(at) and...