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  1. George Keeling

    I Planck's mass, length, time and energy

    Sean Carroll gives the Planck's set of four dimensioned quantities: Planck's mass, length, time and energy. I wanted to compare them with actual things.\begin{align} m_p=\sqrt{\frac{\hbar c}{G}}&=2.18\times{10}^{-8}\rm{kg}&\rm{{10}^{7}\ E. coli}\phantom {100000000000000000000}&\phantom...
  2. sevenperforce

    Stellar-mass black hole formation sequence

    I feel like this could go in quite a few of the Physics subforums (Quantum Physics, Beyond the Standard Model, Special and General Relativity, or High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics) instead of Astronomy and Cosmology, but hopefully this will work. This is my first question I've posed here...
  3. F

    Age of Universe in Planck normalized units

    Hello, I've a problem. I need to find the age of universe in normalized Planck units. In my case, I'm using Planck mass = 1 and: ##H = 1.18 × 10^{-61} \times t_P^{- 1}## With these values, how can I find the age of the universe? Thanks!
  4. V

    Is there any upper energy limit in field theory?

    I see that we use dimensional analysis involving constants of nature to obtain the Planck length and then apply the uncertainty principle to find the corresponding Planck mass-energy. But the energy and length scales were found by invoking a "particle" interpretation of fundamental entities of...