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  1. George Keeling

    I Planck's mass, length, time and energy

    Sean Carroll gives the Planck's set of four dimensioned quantities: Planck's mass, length, time and energy. I wanted to compare them with actual things.\begin{align} m_p=\sqrt{\frac{\hbar c}{G}}&=2.18\times{10}^{-8}\rm{kg}&\rm{{10}^{7}\ E. coli}\phantom {100000000000000000000}&\phantom...
  2. YoungPhysicist

    I Wavelength approaching the Planck length

    If I heat up an object,the object emits a electromagnetic wave with a shorter and shorter wavelength. But if I heat an object up to planck temperature, and making the EM wave that it emits has a wavelength of planck distance,what will happen when I heat it up even more? Will the wavelength...
  3. Bob Walance

    How many Planck lengths are there in a parsec?

    [Mentor's note: moved to GD because this is a thread about Alexa, not parsecs or Planck lengths] I know it's a strange question. Here is Alexa's answer:
  4. nomadreid

    I Planck length confusion

    If I understand correctly, the Planck length, or maybe a tenth of it, is considered the point at which quantum effects mess up any attempt to apply our present physical laws, and so one could not even in theory make a dependable measurement of something smaller. However, I was wondering what...
  5. hsdrop

    B How have we figured out the Plank length of the universe?

    how have we figured out plank length of the universe ?and know its that size ?
  6. Zahidur

    I Subbing Planck length into length contraction equation?

    I was wondering if it is possible to work out the maximum amount of energy an object with mass can have using the length contraction equation (i.e. "actual" length divided by Lorentz factor). The way I thought of doing this was by rearranging e = mc^2 to get c^2 = e/m. Then, substitute e/m into...
  7. Ken Gallock

    B Is it possible to do experiment on the Planck scale?

    Hi. I was wondering if experiments on the Planck length (about 10-35 m) are possible or not. If it is possible, what kind of experiment would that be? If it's not, then what is the problem? Or what is need to be done? Thanks.
  8. sevenperforce

    Stellar-mass black hole formation sequence

    I feel like this could go in quite a few of the Physics subforums (Quantum Physics, Beyond the Standard Model, Special and General Relativity, or High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics) instead of Astronomy and Cosmology, but hopefully this will work. This is my first question I've posed here...
  9. Isaac0427

    Planck scale

    Hi, So I am a little confused on the Planck scale. Correct me if I'm wrong (I hope this doesn't sound idiotic) but I believe that any field on a classical scale should be able to be quantized and work on a quantum scale/Planck scale, where the Planck length and the Planck time are the...
  10. B

    Speed of light and planck length

    I was thinking about the special theory of relativity and how as one approaches the speed of light, ones length contracts. what I would like to know is: If I had an object and I accelerated it towards the speed of light and it contracts in the direction of travel, what happens when it reaches...