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Tag team wrestling is a type of professional wrestling in which matches are contested between teams of multiple wrestlers. A tag team may be made up of wrestlers who normally wrestle in singles competition, but more commonly are made of established teams who wrestle regularly as a unit and have a team name and identity.
In most team matches, only one competitor per team is allowed in the ring at a time. This status as the active or legal wrestler may be transferred by physical contact, most commonly a palm-to-palm tag which resembles a high five.
The team-based match has been a mainstay of professional wrestling since the mid-twentieth century, and most promotions have sanctioned a championship division for tag teams.

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  1. V

    Comp Sci Finding the tag ID for 16-bit architecture

    I'm not sure if I am doing this right so if someone could check over my work that would be appreciated. Would we begin with 25=32 where 5 is the number of bits for the offset, then for the index it would be 256 bytes total meaning 28 so 8 bits for the index and then for the tag it would be...
  2. E

    Mathematica Fixing Error in Tag Times: Get Quick Solutions!

    Hey, I'm unsure why the following returns an error: Any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. harborsparrow

    What is the reasoning behind the C/++# tag on posts in this group?

    I'm confused by the C/++# tag on posts in this group. C and C++ do belong together. OTOH, C# is a managed language, more like Java, and though its syntax is similar, it is a completely different language. Everything is very different. Could we have C# in its own category? I could help...
  4. Aaronvan

    Was Gravity Probe-B worth it's enormous price tag?

    Gravity Probe B cost the taxpayer nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars, more than LIGO. However, none of GP-B’s research (frame-dragging, geodetic effect) captured the public's imagination like LIGO/gravitational waves. Perhaps that is because LIGO opens up a new window on the universe...
  5. A

    Work on an object moving downards

    Homework Statement You move a textbook from a high shelf to a low shelf. Is the work you do on it positive or negative? Homework Equations W = Fcosd The Attempt at a Solution My understanding is that if you are doing a positive applied force on the textbook, over some distance, the work...
  6. Rectifier

    Construct a function given two asymptotes

    The problem Giva an example of a function ## f(x) ## that has one vertical asymptote at ## x = -1 ## and and another asymptote that is ## y=8x+7 ##. Translated from Swedish. The attempt I know that I should use the hyperbola here but I am not sure how to adapt the hyporbola to the tilting...
  7. Madpoet626

    What are Tags? | New to Computers | Get Answer Here

    I'm an old fart new to this new fangled computer thing. Could someone tell me what the "Tags" at the bottom of create thread page is used for? thx
  8. N

    Mathematical Physics vs Theoretical Physics

    Hello PF, pardon me if this isn't the wrong place but I just had a quick question. So I have always wanted to do Theoretical Physics (particular interests are Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, QFT and Quantum Optics, but those are subject to change), but recently I have started to look into...
  9. K

    Momentum to Force: Calculating the Velocity Needed

    << Moderator Note -- thread moved from General Physics to HH/Intro Physics >> If a force F is needed to deform or break an object, with what velocity, V, must I hit it with a hammer of mass, m?
  10. N

    Mathematica Tag × protected in Mathematica?

    Instead of giving the results of the calculation, Mathematica says: "Tag Times in 0 × 1.52098*10^11 is Protected." as in the attached file. Anyone has any idea how to get the results?
  11. B

    HTML Font Tag: How to Change Text Size and Style for Your Webpage

    When I make a webpage and I want my Text in my Link to be say Font Size 6 am I right I would do this <font size="6"> <A HREF="form.html" TARGET="B"> <img src="mailbox.gif" width="16%"> <BR> E-MAIL THE ARTIST </A> </font> Thanks
  12. S

    RFID rectifier Tag - Issues regarding PCE

    Hi, I am designing a RFID rectifier. I am referring a IEEE paper for this purpose. The paper has shown results for both 130nm and 350nm technologies. I have chosen 180nm technology. So, I expected results in between the above technologies. To my surprise, the results are weird -...
  13. N

    Would you play laser tag in a star trek setting?

    Would you pay for this?
  14. M

    Combinatorial chem - Stills binary code tag system

    In my med chem book: http://books.google.ie/books?id=Qe9lsbfM_m0C&pg=PT170&lpg=PT170&dq=chemistry+binary+code+tag+system&source=bl&ots=ut23YiKXDW&sig=iWH860UeYHYSwBM_ESbxnLXNrQw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=7XcVUNTpCNSThgeVwoGgAQ&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=chemistry%20binary%20code%20tag%20system&f=false they...
  15. B

    Question about solar interference on laser tag guns

    So my brother had a birthday party the other day where this company that rents laser tag guns comes over and all his friends played a big game of laser tag outside. the guns worked surprisingly well, and there was even a "grenade" that would shoot lasers out in all directions once a pin was...
  16. L

    Buying a New Car Tag in Florida: Dealer Charges & Fees

    The dealer where I bought my car is charging me 370 dollars to get my new tag for my new car. How much of that money is going towards the actual tag and how much are they taking out? I live in Florida. I tried looking on the DMV website and that's pointless. I saw no information that will help...
  17. T

    Robot Laser Tag Photoresistor Circuit

    We're trying to build a circuit that will detect when a laser crosses a photoresistor and light an LED. What we're trying to do is have three different photoresistors, and three diffferent LED's, each of which correspond to one photoresistor. The idea is that when one photoresistor is struck...
  18. B

    Increasing Laser Tag Gun Range with Convex Lenses?

    So this is the case - I've bought some shocking laser tag guns to play with my friends, though I am unsatisfied with their range which is merely 5 meters. I was wondering if I could add some convex lenses in front of the laser gun in order to increase the range of the laser, would that work...
  19. V

    Rfid tag antenna design for moisture sensor

    hi this is vebi , i want to design rfid tag antenna with moisture sensor can anybody suggest me how to design
  20. M

    LaTeX Is there a latex tag? Issue with preview

    Hi. I have two questions: 1) Is there a latex tag anywhere? I see [STRIKE] tag, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= tag, [SPOILER] tag... 2) The preview button still duplicates the 3 bold questions. Is there a way to fix that? I remember when I joined about 5 months ago it had that issue...
  21. maverick280857

    LaTeX Adding Black Squares & Line Numbers in LaTeX Equations

    Hi everyone, I BADLY BADLY need to place a \blacksquare before my equations AND also have line numbers, as shown in the sample attachment. Someone please let me know how this can be done. My term paper is due in 2 hours! Thanks, Vivek
  22. N

    HTML Anchor Tag and PowerPoint

    I'm just wondering if anybody here can help with this minor problem. Say, I have this simple HTML file: <html> <a name=1>This is point 1</a> <br> <br> <a name=2>This is point 2</a> </html> I want to create a PowerPoint hyperlink that links to an anchor tag in my HTML file. When...
  23. C

    Is an RFID Warehouse Tag System the Solution for Efficient Inventory Tracking?

    I had this idea a while ago but having just finished reading an article about the recent increase in college-aged entrepreneurs, I was inspired. At present, I am a freshman math major at a small state college in Vermont. I plan to transfer into a competitive Economics/Mechanical Engineering...
  24. Saint

    Tag Heuer: How Do You Say 'Heuer'?

    How to pronounce Tag "Heuer" ?
  25. Ivan Seeking

    Radio Tag Debut Set for This Week: Wired.com