What is Thevenin equivalence: Definition and 11 Discussions

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  1. cianfa72

    Formal proof of Thevenin theorem

    Hi, I am looking for a formal proof of Thevenin theorem. Actually the first point to clarify is why any linear network seen from a port is equivalent to a linear bipole. In other words look at the following picture: each of the two parts are networks of bipoles themselves. Why the part 1 -- as...
  2. S

    Engineering Complex Thevenin's Circuit

    So I've been absolutely stumped on this one. I've tried about a million different things but none of them have seemed right. A combination of the odd layout of the circuit, and a combined voltage/current source are making things really complicated for me. I'm somewhat sure the RTh is 15kΩ due to...
  3. O

    R_th wrong while applying series and parallel simple theory

    Summary:: Trying to find Rth but I do not get the same value as the one from the solution. [moderator: moved from a technical forum. No template.] I am trying to find Rth to solve this problem, however once I simplified it, I get a value of 700.745 Ω while in the solution, the answer is...
  4. J

    Engineering Solving Circuit Equations: A Struggle

    I am having a hard time solving this. Letting \$i\$ be the current flowing into ##R_3##, ##i_1## the current flowing through ##R_1## and ##i_2## the current through ##R_1##—and the node between R3 and R1 be e_1; Using KVL and KCL, I've managed to find that ##i + I = i_1 + i_2## Hence...
  5. J

    Thevenin isolates nonlinear element

    I have no problem getting the ##R_{TH}## since from the special element's POV, the resistors are in parallel, and that's the answer. However, I don't really understand how to get ##V_{TH}##. Ignoring the special element, it seems that I have the resistors in series this time. But I'm not too...
  6. M

    Engineering Homework: Rx=? to get maximum power transfer at point M

    Hi, after calculations I end up in the circuit below¨ (Thevenin equivalent) So now I have to say Rth=RL and I will find Rx ?The initial circuit is this: Thanks
  7. JohnGaltis

    Thevenin Equivalence: Is my workings correct?

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/a/XySpV (If above image can't be seen.) Homework Equations KCL/KCL Rth=Vth/I The Attempt at a Solution Included in Screenshot. What I did was Open-Circuited the Load and use Nodal Analysis to find Voc Then, I shortcircuited the Load to find...
  8. E

    Thevenin Voltage & Impedance with Dependent Source: Homework & Solution"

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution How do I do Thevenin voltage and impedance with a dependent source? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
  9. B

    A bit of trouble with Thevenin equivalence with dependent sources

    This really isn't one specific problem per se as it is more of a conceptual issue, so I apologize for breaking away from the given format. I've worked through three problems involving a circuit where a thevenin equivalence circuit is required between two points, and all sources are dependent...
  10. N

    Current Proportionality and Thevenin Equivalence

    Homework Statement For the linear circuit shown, given that the current I in the 0.9 K\Omega is 10mA when Vs = 100V: (a) Predict I using the proportionality property for: Vs = 25V, -12V, and 145 V respectively. (b) Use Thevenin’s theorem across terminals a and b. Find I in terms of Vs and...
  11. D

    Circuit analysis (thevenin equivalence)

    Homework Statement http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/5658/circuituz5.jpg [Broken] Find the current through resistor X for V = 7V Homework Equations Thevenin equivalence? The Attempt at a Solution Right I was advised a way to do this by assuming a 1A current flows through the...