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Potassium chloride (KCl, or potassium salt) is a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine. It is odorless and has a white or colorless vitreous crystal appearance. The solid dissolves readily in water, and its solutions have a salt-like taste. Potassium chloride can be obtained from ancient dried lake deposits. KCl is used as a fertilizer, in medicine, in scientific applications, and in food processing, where it may be known as E number additive E508.
It occurs naturally as the mineral sylvite, and in combination with sodium chloride as sylvinite.

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  1. Mayhem

    Separation of KCl from potassium chromium(III) PDTA

    The mentioned coordination complex has been prepared where KCl is a significant byproduct. The salt and the complex appear to be readily soluble in the same solvents. Despite the organic ligand (PDTA), it is not soluble in polar organic solvents, at least to a degree where it can be used for...
  2. A

    Photographing Coloured Flame KCl

    Hello everyone, I’m not a chemist at all, I studied physics which entailed a fair amount of chemistry in the learning but that was five lives ago. Nowadays I m a photographer, mostly editorial portraits but also fine arts. For my latest project I take pictures of a wide range of phenomena on...
  3. A

    Engineering Derive the governing equation for the voltage Vc across the capacitor

    I was thinking about doing KVL around the circuit at the right but I noticed when the switch opens, the current through the circuit at the right is not the same throughout -5 + Ic*2*1-^3 + Ic*10^3 = -Vc Ic is not the same around the right circuit so I am stuck....
  4. Asontg

    Potassium Chloride Electrolysis

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum, I make potassium soap but there were changes in the regulations in my country (Argentina) and now there's a lot of slow bureaucracy needed to buy chemicals like KOH (the regulations are industry-focused but are affecting small businesses like mine) so...
  5. P

    Does the Reaction of Cl2 and KH Produce KCl and HCl?

    Does anyone happen to know if Cl2+KH > KCl + HCl? And if it does, what is the reasoning? Is it because Cl2 prefers an ionic bond rather than a covalent bond?
  6. B

    KCL got declined in Norton circuit of an ideal amplifier circuit

    Hi. Let's say we have a circuit like that, and we want to find the Thevenin/Norton circuit from a and b points. So for Vth, we calculate the Voc, in which we remove the 2K ohm resistor and calculate the Voc. I calculated it correctly. But I have problem in calculating the Norton current. So in...
  7. bornofflame

    Engineering Using KCL on this Op-Amp circuit to solve for V0 and I0

    Another classmate and a web search show that the answers for this problem are v0 = -12 V, and i0 = 2.4 mA. This was done using KVL around the circuit. I should be able to reach the same answer using KCL but I haven't and I'm not sure why. Is it because the source isn't connected to ground and so...
  8. M

    Engineering I can't determine the capacitive and inductive resistance of the circuit

    Hi, I'm trying to solve this but it becomes difficult. I'm using KCL and I repalce ZL = j0,1ω (Ω) , ZC=... etc. Finding 3 equations with 3 unknown variables (plus the ω). And now is the time for Cramer's rule. I'm not sure if I should move on. What do you say ? I'm on track ? Thanks. ..
  9. M

    Calculating Vo in an AC Circuit Using Superposition Theorem

    This is the circuit: I try with KVL: But the given answer is 6.66L33.67 Volts. So, I'm confused, any suggestions ?
  10. NatsuIgneelFT

    Engineering How can Kirchhoff's Laws be used to solve for current in a circuit?

    I've been trying to use KVL/KCL here but I can't get any. The only thing I accomplished is R6 has 0V, 0A (KVL with its loop). All the other ones I can't get any? Thanks
  11. E

    Solve Vo: Voltage Nodal Analysis w/ KCL Equation

    I'm asked to solve for Vo for this equation. I've set the bottom node to be my reference node before applying nodal analysis. When included in the KCL equation for node at Vb, will the dependent voltage source 20iΔ be negative since the current through that element is leaving node C? Say, the...
  12. ORF

    How can KCl be enriched in 40K at home?

    Hello, I have pure KCl, but its natural radioactivity is low. I would like to increase it at least by a factor of 10. Is there any simple way (diy) for enriching the natural KCl in 40K? Alternatively, is there a compound with higher concentration of potassium (in volume) than KCl, and that you...
  13. J

    KCL for AC Waveforms: Can I Get the Right Answer?”

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework Equations Can I use KCL at the central node? The Attempt at a Solution I tried KCL and got: 5cos0 + j 5sin0 + 10 cos 60 + j 10 sin 60 = (-I1) 5 + 5 + j 10 *1.732 / 2 = (-I1) 10 + j 5 * 1.732 = -I1 This gives 13.33 angle (220.89) Book answer is A Is the 5 and...
  14. JohnGaltis

    Thevenin Equivalence: Is my workings correct?

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/a/XySpV (If above image can't be seen.) Homework Equations KCL/KCL Rth=Vth/I The Attempt at a Solution Included in Screenshot. What I did was Open-Circuited the Load and use Nodal Analysis to find Voc Then, I shortcircuited the Load to find...
  15. G

    KCL with phasors: how to proceed knowing effective values

    Homework Statement I have the following problem. Consider a circuit node where 3 sinusoidal currents with the same frequency converge, i1 i2 and i3. Knowing that the effective values of i1 and i2 are I1ef=1A and I2ef=2A. What can we say about I3ef: Options: $$(a)1A \leq I_{3ef} \leq 3A$$...
  16. W

    Problem involving Source Transformation and Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have attempted and completed all questions. However, I am now trying part (b) with transforming the voltage source into a current source. I am unable to work out the current and I am unsure what to do next. I have included my...
  17. N

    Nodal analysis- Current directions for KCL

    In node analysis, after labeling the nodes. I don't know how to choose currents direction to apply KCL. it seems too complicated.. and I end up every time getting different answers the the solution sheet. I've an exam tomorrow. would be much appreciated if you could help me better understand the...
  18. Y

    Understanding the Logic Behind KCL: An Exploration

    Homework Statement Ok so I remember learning KCL. Current is either entering or leaving the node. There's only two possible option. You can call entering the node positive or negative, you can call current exiting the node either positive or negative. As long as what you call entering the node...
  19. kookamlok

    Misunderstanding about the choices of current values in KCL

    【Moved from general forum. Homework template is missing.】 By KCL, -ID2 + (-I2) = 0 0 = ID2 + I2 Q1: Do you think this equation is correct? (i assume it is correct because it came from my professor's notes) Q2: Which node do you think this equation is used for making this equation with...
  20. T

    Confusion about how KCL and KVL are used for diode circuits

    Homework Statement This is just one of the example problems in my book which is already solved for me, but I don't really understand their solution which I'll post here: They start out with assuming Vin is very negative, which makes D1 turn on and makes Vout=VD,on+Vin. THen they solve for...
  21. B

    KCL Problem with Dependant sources

    Homework Statement I'm trying to find the voltage drop V1 of the following circuit, assuming Vin=1v, and for the life of me can't seem to get the right answer. Homework Equations KCL, Ohm's law The Attempt at a Solution I basically tried to use KCL at the top node, Vin/2+2V1 = V1/3 +...
  22. C

    KCL Equation Issue - Understand How to Find R1 Current

    Homework Statement In an example in our notes, he applies KCL at the bolded point in the circuit diagram. I have given a part of the KCL equation up there. That's the part I don't understand. Hes finding the current flowing through R1. I don't understand where he gets -vd-vin. Homework...
  23. K

    (Sp. Relativity) Krel / Kcl in powers of (v/c)^2

    Homework Statement [/B] By expanding Krel / Kcl in powers of (v/c)^2, estimate the value of v/c for which Krel differs from Kcl by 10%. Homework Equations Kcl = classical Kinetic Energy = 1/2 m0 v^2 Krel = relative Kinetic Energy = (y-1) (m0 c)^2 The Attempt at a Solution I did a binomial...
  24. M

    Use KCL and KVL to find the power supplied by the two ideal sources

    Homework Statement The Question wants to find the Voltage Across The Current Source 2A and 5A Homework Equations KVL KCL Ohm's Law The Attempt at a Solution I tried to Using KVL and KCL for all Closed paths and node but I just Couldn't Figure how to relate them to find the voltage across the...
  25. kostoglotov

    Need some insight into an inverting op amp example

    Currently working through a chapter on op amp circuits, fundamentals. Came upon this practice problem in the section on inverting op amps imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/2DrQLXk.png imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/7KRKzKC.png A working of this problem is not given. I got the correct answer...
  26. Captain1024

    Engineering Analysing a 3-Loop RLC Circuit and Finding State Equations

    Homework Statement Obtain the state equations in Matrix form for the two-input and one-output circuit shown in the figure below where the output is i_2. Homework Equations Ohm's Law, KVL, KCL The Attempt at a Solution Currents i1, i2, i3 assumed clockwise. Is there a better assumption I...
  27. Martin V.

    Find voltage using nodal analysis

    Homework Statement Assignment: Find V_2 using Nodal Analysis Homework Equations KCL U=R*I The Attempt at a Solution - Chosen reference node - Assigned node voltages - Applied KCL to each non-reference node - Solve system of equation - Checked equations for obvious errors See circuit drawing...
  28. M

    Engineering EE Solving a circuit using KCL and KVL

    Homework Statement Find V0 and i0. Homework Equations Total current at each node is = 0. Total voltage around each loop is = 0. The Attempt at a Solution I can't seem to be able to analyze this circuit. That i0/4 is really messing me up. I am unsure how to apply both KCL and KVL on this...
  29. Martin V.

    Direction of current when performing KCL

    Who do I know the direction of the current flow, when I make nodal analysis?
  30. Gbox

    KCL to Find Voltage Between a and b

    Homework Statement Find the voltage between a and b 2. Homework Equations KVL, KCL The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I did not understand how they have reach the result we just two equations, and how did they use KCL to get those equations
  31. hdp12

    Engineering Given RLC circuit to find V over load & other complications

    Homework Statement In my Intro to EE class we have a homework assignment with the following problem: I think I finished part a but want to make sure that I am doing the problem correctly before I move on to the next part. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  32. R

    KCL and First order circuit theory

    My question applies to the case when the switch opens. By applying KCL in order to get a first order diff equation, the following problem arises when I choose different current directions (which shouldn't happen because KCL says the current direction doesn't matter because it will be fixed...
  33. PhiowPhi

    DC-DC Converters & KCL: Understanding Current and Power in Motor Models

    I'm confused, how is it that DC-converters work with respect to KCL in terms of conservation of charge? When a boost/buck converter would output low/high current output than input? I_in =/ I_out I'm teaching myself the basics of circuits, understood KCL and KVL, but this point is confusing...
  34. K

    Understanding KVL Loop in BJT Biasing and Calculating Ve

    Please help how Ve is calculated what i think is that it should be: -Ve=-Vee+IeRe; How Ve is taken positive please someone draw equivalent circuit for same
  35. hdp12

    Engineering Solving a Circuit with Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement I'm in a lab and we have this circuit & question as part of the pre-lab The Attempt at a Solution I began trying to use nodal analysis to get Va & Vb & to then use Vab to get the voltage and then the current but after doing what you can see above, I stopped because I...
  36. hdp12

    KCL Nodal Analysis & Power to Resistor (Need help)

    Homework Statement Here is the homework problem I was given: The Attempt at a Solution Above is the work that I began, however, I have an overwhelming feeling that I am incorrect and also I don't know how to continue to the next part/parts. Would someone please help me? Thank you H
  37. Nooginy

    Comparing KCL and UCL for Msc: Experiences and Advice?

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has any or knows anyone with experience within the departments at KCL or UCL. I have an unconditional offer from both to study a part time masters degree, and to help me decide I am curious if anyone has any good/bad experiences with either, any help is greatly...
  38. Nooginy

    Programs UCL Vs KCL for a masters degree in Physics?

    Hi everyone, just a quick post regarding the above. I have been accepted by both onto a part time (two year) masters degree. I got the KCL offer first and accepted but paid a £500 deposit that I will not get back if I switch. Even though I can't afford it I will switch if I decide UCL is a...
  39. Bobby425

    Engineering Thevenin's equvalent circuit of the network?

    Homework Statement thevenin's equvalent circuit of the network Homework Equations thevenin's voltage thevenin's impedance The Attempt at a Solution using nodal analysis i tried to find thevenin voltage but the dependent source and the dependent variable troubling me!
  40. Bobby425

    How to find the voltage 'v' in the given network?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations [/B]The Attempt at a Solution
  41. J

    Engineering Circuit Theory Question KCL and Dependent Sources?

    Homework Statement I need to find the voltages (if any) and currents of these circuit, but particularly Io I do know that I have to use KCL bot I don't know how, can somebody help me with a node or somethinghttps://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/c2-jpg.80412/ I do not have any other info...
  42. T

    Calculating Node Voltages with KCl"

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I'm not getting the correct answers, here are my equations Node A: 80 = ix + i2 80 = Va/0.143 + (Va-(Vb+10))/0.2......1 Node B: 20 = iy-i2 20 = Vb/0.125 - (Va-(Vb+10))/0.2......2 Are these equations correct ?
  43. A

    Multiple Power Source Circuit Analysis

    Homework Statement Compute all the currents labeled using the mesh loop method. Homework Equations Parallel Resistors 1/Rt=1/R1+1/R2...+1/Ri Series Resistors R1+R2...+Ri The Attempt at a Solution My attempt at the kvl and kcl analysis, I think I did this wrong because I can't solve for...
  44. F

    Engineering Applying KCL to Solve a Basic Circuit Problem

    I've only taken a basic circuits course and that was years ago. Can anyone help me get this one started? 1. Homework Statement Homework Equations KCL The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I'm not sure if I should use KCL right away or use Thevenin. Since I need to find the current through the 2...
  45. E

    Number of KCL and KVL equations for branch-current method

    Homework Statement Find ix and Valpha [/B] Homework Equations KCL KVL The Attempt at a Solution [/B]How do I determine the number of KCL and KVL equations? In this problem I am solving, there are 6 unknowns so I need 6 equations. I can write 4 independent KCL equations, 1 KVL at loop 1(to...
  46. C

    Use the Node Voltage method to solve

    Homework Statement From the above circuit find VCB and VDG Know Data: VE = 0 (ground) Homework Equations KCL and Ohm's Law are used in Node Voltage Method. The Attempt at a Solution I decided I would determine the node voltages then work out VCB and VDG afterwards. 1. KCL and Ohm's law at...
  47. C

    Engineering How do I find the current in this circuit?

    < Moderator Note -- thread moved from the EE forum to the Homework Help forums > Please view the attached. The answers are: i1 0.1429 i2 0.4286 i3 0.2857 So how do I work this out? I assume you use kirchhoffs current law, can someone show me the step? Thanks :)
  48. G

    Finding Unknown Currents in a Two-battery Complex Circuit

    Homework Statement Look at the circuit given in figure 1. Solve for the three currents, I1,I2,I3. Homework Equations KVL: Sum of voltages in a closed loop equals zero KCL: Sum of currents entering a junction equals the sum of currents exiting a junction Ohm's Law: V=IR NOTE: Nodal analysis...