What is trial: Definition and 80 Discussions

In law, a trial is a coming together of parties to a dispute, to present information (in the form of evidence) in a tribunal, a formal setting with the authority to adjudicate claims or disputes. One form of tribunal is a court. The tribunal, which may occur before a judge, jury, or other designated trier of fact, aims to achieve a resolution to their dispute.

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  1. BWV

    Anyone able to get the MS Office CoPilot trial to work?

    There is a regedit floating around the internet that supposedly unlocks CoPilot, but did not work for me https://pureinfotech.com/enable-copilot-microsoft-word-preview/
  2. D

    Can this be solved without trial and error?

    Hi everyone The following problem looks like it needs to be solved by trial and error. Is there a quicker way to do it? I had the answers (but not solutions), so I simply worked backwards to get 11^2-8^2=57. If I had to solve it, I would have made a list of the final digits you'd get if you...
  3. M

    A Example of Ritz method with Bessel functions for trial function

    Hi PF! Do you know of any examples of the Ritz method which use Bessel functions as trial functions? I’ve seen examples with polynomials, Legendre polynomials, Fourier modes. However, all of these are orthogonal with weight 1. Bessel functions are different in this way. Any advice on an...
  4. jim mcnamara

    COVID Astra-Zeneca Covid vaccine trial explanation

    Links for some of the science are included - this presentation is based on press releases. The peer reviewed data will be available shortly. Some things to note - results show both 64% and 90% effective,the video explains this one The tests looked for positive Covid tests in volunteers...
  5. Amik

    Kinetic Energy: Trial 1 vs. Trial 2

    So, I know the right solution should be like it has same potential energy initially, in the trial one, since the floor is frictionless, the plane will move too and it shares the potential energy with the block. So in trial 1 the potential energy equals final kinetic energy of the block and...
  6. Mentz114

    B Expectation of the number of successes in Bernoulli trial

    I'm trying calculate the expected number of steps in one node in a random walk , ##\langle s\rangle=\sum sp^s##. By deduction I have a possible solution (for rational probabilities ##p=n/m,\ n< m##) in ##\bar{s}=\langle s\rangle= nm/(m-n)^2##, which looks pretty weird but I have not found a...
  7. mfb

    CRISPR against cancer in human trial

    crispr-as-gene-editing-human-trials-get-underway?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20190416]First U.S. Patients Treated With CRISPR As Human Gene-Editing Trials Get Underway[/url] The study takes immune cells out of the patient, modifies them...
  8. J

    Mathematica Number of extensions with Free Trial of Mathematica

    I have just started a free trial with Mathematica. Does anyone know how many times one can request the extension of the free trial?
  9. H

    News Small trial of paperless unemployment pay in Finland

    No more unemployment benefits. Trial already in Finland where everyone gets an equal payment from gov regardless of whether you work or not, want it or not. Wealthy and poor all receive the same UBI to do what they want with, other income streams won't affect your UBI. Thoughts on UBI? Edit...
  10. P

    B Guessing trial wave function with variational method

    Hellow i want to ask about guessing the trial wave function at variational method of approximation usually for example at solving harmonic oscillator or hydrogen atom we have conditions for trial wave function but in fact i want to ask generally how could i make the guessing .. some problems...
  11. 1oldman2

    Medical China begins gene editing trial

    I came across this article, thought it was worth mentioning. http://www.nature.com/news/crispr-gene-editing-tested-in-a-person-for-the-first-time-1.20988 A Chinese group has become the first to inject a person with cells that contain genes edited using the revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 technique...
  12. alexandria

    Journalizing, posting, trial balance, & financial statements

    Homework Statement I am doing a course called Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M-B) and I was told that physics forum provides help with qts related to this subject. Anyways, Here is the question I'm having trouble with: Sorry if the scanned version is a bit blurry :P a) Journalize...
  13. NayKod

    MATLAB Matlab Trial Version: Test Simulation for PhD

    Hello Everybody, I'm new to this interesting forum and this is my first post :) So i wonder if can i use a Trial version of Matlab to perform some simulation for my Phd. Is the Trial version allow doing some important tests ? Thank you for your answer
  14. Ronf

    Trial function and Eigenfunction....

    Homework Statement Hello, I just started to study QM, I just have a general question, how to know if a trial function is not an eigenfunction of a hamiltonian (that has the lowest value in a graph) ? - Thanks and sorry for the stupid question. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have...
  15. G

    Cloud Computing for Complex Scientific Computations - Free Trial Available!

    Hi. I am doing some complex computations using c, c++, matlab, python. It is very slow on a conventional PC. I heard, there is a way to do scientific computations remotely. Such that I could sort of get an access to the remote advanced PC, and perform computation remotely there. And then...
  16. kostoglotov

    Trial solution, undetermined coefficients, 2nd order non-homogeneous equation

    Homework Statement Write a trial solution for the method of undetermined coefficients. Do not determine the coefficients. For: y'' + 2y' + 10y = x^2e^{-x}\cos{3x} There's a modification performed and I'm not 100% confident as to why. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The...
  17. benorin

    Items are given a fixed probability of selection per trial

    Several items are given fixed probabilities of selection per trial, one such item has a probability of 1.5%. What is the probability of selecting this item if 20 trials are permitted?This is not homework just a calculation for a game I play, so an explanation would be nice so I can do it myself...
  18. L

    Multi-centre trial = better than single-centre?

    Hi all, My first post here, I've been asked to find out for a friend - are there any good papers which show that a multi-centre clinical study/trial is better than a single-centre one? She believes the evidence says multi-centres are, but wants proof for a grant application. Thanks!
  19. R

    Choosing the trial wavefunction (variational method)

    Homework Statement I'm going to list two questions as they offer the same problem with more choices, hopefully it will help realize the method (?) used (A) An electron, confined in the two dimensional region 0<x<L and 0<y<L with infinite potential walls, is subject to the potential...
  20. R

    Simple question on minimising the trial wavefunction

    Homework Statement After a calculation of the lowest energy using two variational parameters a and b it is found that: E_{T}(a,b) = 2a^{2} + 16b^{2}+a What is the optimal (minimum) value of E_{T} Homework Equations It's just derivation. The Attempt at a Solution \frac{\delta E_{T}}{\delta a}...
  21. E

    Bernoulli trial summation by hand

    Homework Statement Show that the expected number of successes in n Bernoulli trials w probability p of success is <x> = np Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I get the right answer which is this: E\left( x\right) =\sum _{x=0}^{n}x\left( \begin{matrix} n\\...
  22. hagobarcos

    Ferris Wheel Forces: Exploring Normal Force and Centripetal Acceleration

    Homework Statement A student of weight 667 N rides a steadily rotating Ferris wheel. At the highest point, the magnitude of the normal force on the student from the seat is 556 N. a) Does the student feel "light" or "heavy" there? b) What is the magnitude of Fn at the lowest point...
  23. PhanthomJay

    E to the -y plus trial and error math?

    A co worker has the following equation: 3e^{-.5y} +3e^{-y} + 3e^{-1.5y} + 103e^{-2y} =98.39 Solve for y. Some sort of compound interest bond equation I am told, or something like that. He has been told that to solve for y, one must use a trial and error approach. True??
  24. N

    Dennis and Carmen problem with my trial solution , is it right?

    [B][SIZE="3"]Homework Statement Dennis and Carmen are standing on the edge of a cliff. Dennis throws a basketball vertically upward, and at the same time Carmen throws a basketball vertically downward with the same initial speed. You are standing below the cliff observing this strange...
  25. Pythagorean

    Phase I of clinical HIV vaccine trial successful

    note: Phase I is just safety testing, not efficacy. Still exciting, though! http://communications.uwo.ca/media/releases/2013/September/no_adverse_effects_in_volunteers_following_phase_i_clinical_trial_of_sumagen_aids_vaccine.html
  26. R

    Quantum Chemistry: approximations using trial functions

    Homework Statement For a 3-D, spherically symmetric, isotropic harmonic oscillator, use a trial function e^αr^2 as a variational parameter. The Hamiltonian as given by the book is attached, as are two files showing screenshots of my attempt at the solution in Mathcad. I've tried it two...
  27. M

    A ball is dropped twice off the same initial height. trial one bounces

    a ball is dropped twice off the same initial height. trial one bounces back with a velocity of 3m/s and trial 2 bounces back with a velocity of 2m/s. the time the ball is in contact with the ground for trial 1 is 0.01s. are the impulses on the ball the same for both trials or is it less in trial 2?
  28. M

    Beware: Free Trial of [Program] Can Damage Your Browser

    It is available on a freetrial use. WARNING: DO NOT USE IT! After I used it I found that bookmarks and autofills on my browser (Avant) were completely screwed up. Fortunately my computer does weekly backups, so I was able to restore the items.
  29. O

    Variance of binomial distribution - 1 trial

    Homework Statement For n trials, S_n can be seen as the sum of n independent single trials X_i, i = 1,2,...,n, with \mathbb{E}[X_i]=p and Var[X_i]=p(1-p).2. What I don't understand I don't understand why Var[X_i]=p(1-p). We know that: Var[X_i]=\mathbb{E}[(X_i - \mathbb{E}[X_i])^2] =...
  30. P

    Evaluating a log by trial and error

    Hi, I'm evaluating a log, and I'm wondering how many words I can use. When I'm trying different exponents to narrow in on the exponent that I'm looking for, can I use words next to each equation? For example, "this is not big enough" next to the numbers that aren't close to the number I'm...
  31. M

    Dark Matter on Trial: Serious Blow to Theories?

    Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories? http://www.eso.org/public/news/eso1217/ http://www.eso.org/public/archives/releases/sciencepapers/eso1217/eso1217.pdf
  32. A

    News ABB moved to tears at first day of trial

    For his victims? Nope. He remained calm, impassive during the 30 minutes bare recount of the horrific damage he made (seeming rather proud of himself when he saw pictures of himself right after planting the bomb, and right after his arrest at Utøya). but, when his 12 minutes long propaganda...
  33. U

    Variational Method - Gaussian Trial Wavefucntion

    Homework Statement Use the variational method with a gaussian trial wavefunction ψ(x) = Ae^{\frac{-a^{2}x^{2}}{2}} to prove that in 1 dimension an attractive potential of the form shown, no matter how shallow, always has at least 1 bound state. *Figure is of a potential V(x) that has a minimum...
  34. M

    Matrix elements of the secular determinant for trial functions?

    This is the quantum part for solving wavefunctions of mulit-electron atoms that need to be approximated by the variation method. Specifically we are supposed to differentiate this equation using the quotient rule : E(c1,c2) = [(c1^2*H11 + 2c1c2H12 + c2^2*H22) / (c1^2*S11 + 2c1c2*S12 +...
  35. BobG

    Error and Trial - Scientific American article

    The "Error and Trial" article from Scientific American is rather interesting. It reports on 6 scientists and a government official being charged with manslaughter for contributing to the deaths of 300 people in an earthquake in Italy. Internationally, scientists are outraged, claiming the...
  36. G

    Use the variation method with trial Wavefunction (Szabo and Oslund ex 1.18)

    Homework Statement The Schrodinger equation (in atomic units) of an electron moving in one dimension under the influence of the potential -delta(x) [dirac delta function] is: (-1/2.d2/dx2-delta(x)).psi=E.psi use the variation method with the trial function psi'=Ne-a.x2 to show that...
  37. Evo

    News Jared Loughner ruled unfit to stand trial

    Would there really be a chance they would ever set him free without a trial? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13551050
  38. C

    Is Trial and Error the Only Method to Solve Cubic Equations?

    So I have pretty much finished the question, trying to determine "B" this is where i am at. 294/B^2 = 102.61B + 250.47 I found a very similar question in a book and they just skipped straight to answer saying trial and error was used. Using trial and error I got approximately 0.92...
  39. S

    Fortran Where can I find a demo or trial of LF95 fortran compiler?

    I have a fortran program and need to compile it with LF95 (Lahey/Fujitsu fortran 95). Anyone knows where to download a demo or trial version of LF95? Or if you can upload to rapidshare or megaupload or send me a private message. That would be very helpfull.
  40. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Solving Math Problems: Trial & Error vs. Other Methods

    Hello; Is there any type of mathematical problem which can only be solved by trial and error (and therefore no other method has been found)? For example, for a cubic equation x^3 + x = 25, one could use trial and error, but a method arrives at the answer too. Thanks.
  41. turbo

    IFC Network Free Trial - Watch Jay and Silent Bob Now!

    The Dish network is offering a free trial of the IFC Network. Right now, I'm watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and it's hilarious. At 10:00 the Onion premieres.
  42. T

    Secure Your Data: Try Datalock's 60 Day Free Trial

    I use my computer for everything. All of my uns and pws and class info; even my bills are stored here. I am kinda paranoid about someone taking my laptop, and putting all my data over the internet, or taking my identity and ripping me off. A friend told me I should try data encryption. I found...
  43. S

    Prithvi-II fails to take off in user trial

    [PLAIN]http://en.rian.ru/images/16070/97/160709799.jpg why is nosecone detaching at such a low altitude
  44. M

    Evaluating Results of a Drug Trial on 200 Patients with High Blood Pressure

    A new drug was tested on a group of 200 patients with high blood pressure. By the end of the trial period, 90 patients showed improvement from the drug, 35 patients developed side effects, and 95 patients showed no improvement and had no side effects. How many patients showed improvement and had...
  45. A

    Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred

    Something I recently discovered So in some cases it appears that crosspollination between roundup ready gmo crops and some types of weeds has been happening. So other than sending out hordes of illegal immigrants with hoes to dug them all out, what possible solutions are there for this problem?
  46. G

    Can you explain the solution for 5x3 + 2x2 + x = 20 between x = 1.4 and x = 1.5?

    I've just seen the following question on a past paper: "Explain why 5x3 + 2x2 + x = 20 has a solution between x = 1.4 and x = 1.5. Show all your calculations." In order to answer this question, is it sufficient to simply work out the equation twice gving x the 2 values stated in the...
  47. rhody

    Medical Inspiring Malignant Melanoma Phase I Clinical Trial Story: NY Times

    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/23/health/research/23trial.html?pagewanted=1" From New York, Dr. Paul B. Chapman of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, perhaps the most determined skeptic of the group, acknowledged, “This looks impressive.” The trial of PLX4032 offers a glimpse at how...
  48. P

    The worst case for trial division factorisation of n?

    What's the worst case for the factorisation of n using trial division? Worst case in terms of arithmetic operations that is. Many places tell me that it's n=pq with p and q prime and close to each other (and hence close to root(n) ), but I can't prove it. Help would be appreciated.
  49. S

    Charmonium Mass Estimation: Trial Wavefunction for Variational Method

    Charmonium: estimating the mass - trial wavefunction for use in variational method?? Hi, I need any suggestions of trial wavefunctions I can use to find an order of magnitude estimate for the mass of charmonium in the variational method. I am ignoring coulombic effects (and relativistic)...
  50. M

    Find the normalisation constant using a trial wavefunction

    Homework Statement a particle of mass m, confined to a one dimensional infinite potential of 0\leqx\leq1 V(x) = 0 elsewhere V(x) = \infty Homework Equations Choose as a trial wavefunction \Psi(x) = Nx[1 - \alphax + (\alpha - 1)x^{2}] Verify that N^{2} = \frac{K}{16 -...