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Adobe Acrobat Reader is installing other programs

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    When try to install any adobe product they also install Intel True Key and McCafee so quickly that I cannot stop them. How can I prevent Adobe to install them?
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    Assuming that you got them from Adobe's website, you could go into your Control Panel -> Programs and Features section and remove them.
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    Why do you assume them I take them from Adobe and is there a relation between this situation and that website? Yes I know I can remove them but I don't want them to install at all. I want just one product to install not others. Can I find Adobe's programs from other source so that this problem would not occur?

    Thank you.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Because anyone who got it from a non-Adobe site wouldn't withhold this critical information from people he is asking for help.
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    If you don't get it from the Adobe website, there is no guarentee what you are installing. You should never click or follow a link from a website telling you that you need to install or update Adobe. If a site tells you that, you should only download from the Adobe site by looking it up yourself because hacked versions of Adobe are all over the internet. If that still doesn't work after you have installed straight from Adobe, then something is very wrong with what they are telling you. And, just because the extra programs call themselves Intel True Key and McCafee, I wouldn't trust that either if I didn't get it straight from Adobe's site.
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    Usually on install there is a checkbox you can uncheck for it to not install the partner programs
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    I downloaded it from Adobe's website. If I install straight/directly from Adobe and if it does not work, why is something very very wrong?

    P.S: They don't give a check box. I thought you are familiar with this situation because you download Adobe's product from their site.

    Thank you.
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    What would be wrong is having an official copy of Adobe and the site continues to tell you that you need the version that they are providing. Don't fall for that - it's just a lie to get you to install the virus that they want you to download. I could possibly understand if a site doesn't work with a current version of Adobe but then I would download and install an archived version from Adobe if it was that important. I have done that with software in a few rare cases where I really needed something for my job.

    As for the installation, I haven't installed a new one recently and they are always changing it. I'm surprised that you can't opt out of installing McCafee because it would likely have confliction issues with any existing virus software that you have. Since they didn't give you an option to avoid installing it, it sounds like your only choice is to manually remove it from the control panel.
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    Usually, as Greg pointed out, you can opt out of those extra programs installing before Adobe gets underway and installs. But if you've successfully installed Adobe Reader, then try, as has been suggested, uninstalling the extra programs. Don't worry now that they installed. Just uninstall them. If, next time, you need to install Adobe Reader take screenshots if no boxes are available to tick (or untick) so extra software is not installed.
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    The OP has never actually stated what Adobe software he installed, only that "any adobe product" he installs comes with Intel True Key and McAfee, and that the software came from Adobe's website. While Adobe does package occasional free tools with their free Adobe Reader (most notably Google's Toolbar) they also give a checkbox to opt out of it, as has been mentioned.

    Please provide the names of the adobe packages you have found this software on, and please provide the web link you used to download the software. This way, we can confirm that the software you are talking about is both legal and from a reliable source. If these were purchased, licensed copies of Adobe software, don't give us the links, but in that case, contact Adobe directly as their software is expensive and they would want to know that the software you downloaded from the link they provided you after purchase had third party software piggybacking on it.
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    See title of this thread
  13. Apr 6, 2017 #12
    I laughed, thanks. I should update my prescription. I took my information from the post itself (my bold added):

    So what software did he try to install from Adobe other than Adobe Reader, that also tried to install this software?
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    This caught me out just a couple of days ago. True Key is installed with Adobe Flash update for a web browser. In this case it activated itself without the user setting up the facial or fingerprint recognition, so there didn't seem to be a way around it. Once we figured out how to actually turn the laptop off, they sometimes just sleep when you use the power button, it rebooted properly and all was well.

    This is a pretty disgusting move by Adobe in my opinion, in fact I wish we could do away with all adobe products, they all seem to cause one kind of problem or another.

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