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Advanced placement physics books

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    Hi, im planning to purchase one of the advanced placement preparation books. Are there any suggestions? I had in mind of the princeton review or kaplan... If anyone knows which one is better can you provide an explanation as well.. thanx i appreciate it.
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    I don't know much about Princeton Reviews or Kaplans, living in an isolated country such as New Zealand :smile:.

    I'm assuming the books you are referring to is for first-year undergraduate. Personally I don't have much experience about which physics text book is best, being a high school students myself. I myself has only found a few and all of them, and they are from the University bookshop. I quite liked Fundamentals of Physics series by Halliday Resnick and Walker because it is accessible to high students who has a good foundation and concepts.

    P.S. For some reasons the bookshop claims the 6th edition is not available in America.
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    thanx for the reply, but im actually looking for books that help prepare me for the actual exams which can be used for first year university credits. Please feel free to recommend any of those...
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