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Amp dangers from a universal power supply adapter

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    I have a treadmill that has a display monitor that uses either 4 D cell batteries or an optional adaptor. The back of the monitor states it uses a 6v 1.66-2.0a/max input. I purchases a universal power adaptor that has a fixed amp rating of 3 (6v obviously is an option). The question is: what damage can occur if I use this adaptor that has a amp output that EXCEEDS the display monitor's 1.6-2amp requirement? Thanks! Nodak65
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    The 2A for the display is just what the load will take and the 3A rating of the power supply is just its maximum capabilities. No damage should occur.
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    Remember, your AC/DC adapter is a constant voltage source, not a constant current source. V=IR and all that. Almost all consumer electronic power supplies are constant voltage sources. You will rarely have a constant current source provided in a consumer product.
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