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Computer wont load XP

  1. Oct 17, 2006 #1
    Hey I recently took my desktop pc and put it into a tower case. It hasent worked since even though it did work before. It keeps telling me that there is no OS installed. The computer is an IBM so i dont have the XP disc from it because i got it used, although i have a dell XP disc which i successfully installed on my old laptop to make sure it works. Ive checked the cables but with no luck.

    Anyone know whats going on?:confused: :mad:
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  3. Oct 17, 2006 #2
    Are you using the same hard drive as you were before? Is there only one hard drive?
  4. Oct 17, 2006 #3
    Yes same hard drives, theres one hdd with the os on it and the other i bought to slave but i cant untill i get it working obviously
  5. Oct 17, 2006 #4
    No OS indicates that the drive that is designated as primary drive to load from has no operating system on it.

    What can cause this.
    1) more than one hard drive in the system and the slave drive is designated as master while the OS drive is set to slave.
    2) more than one hard drive in the system and both are set to slave, or both master.
    3) Cables reversed to HDD
    4) Floppy in the floppy drive
    5) Non bootable CD in the CDROM Drive and HDD not selected in BIOS as another option to boot from
    6) HDD crashed
    7) HDD Controller crashed.

    All of these as well as a few others could be the culprit.

    Double check your hardware config and make certain everything is setup correctly.
    Take it down to just the HDD and no other drives at all.

    Hope that helps
    Brother Jerry
  6. Oct 17, 2006 #5
    I tried this but its an older version of setup so i cant set the boot order...
  7. Oct 17, 2006 #6
    Iff the Hdd crashed how would i go about partitioning it and installing xp since i only have the dell disc? should i borrow a friends universal xp install disc? I cant change bios either becasue of how old the menu is.
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    Even older versions of BIOS will normally show and identify the hard drives with their assignments (ie:channel 1 pri model# /sec model#; channel 2 ...)

    So is the BIOS showing your drives?
  9. Oct 18, 2006 #8
    Yes the installed drive is called "hard drive 0" but i cant see any settings.

    P.S. i dont see any channel 1 pri model# etc...
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    Sounds like a "very" old computer.

    The only other suggestion is to download a floppy bootable disk diagnostic utility and see what it has to say.
  11. Oct 19, 2006 #10
    Its socket 1, so yes it is very very old.
  12. Oct 20, 2006 #11
    Where should i download afloppy bootable disk diagnostic?
  13. Oct 20, 2006 #12
    Should i just setup a new hdd?
  14. Oct 20, 2006 #13


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    Look on the drive manufactures web site.
  15. Oct 20, 2006 #14


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    You said you just changed to a tower case.
    If you hooked everything up the same it should work like it did before the change.

    Since it doesn't then either something got broken or you pluged stuff together differently.

    It might be worthwhile to check if the drive is actually operating.
    OTOH If you do have an OS loader boot disk, then it will tell you what it finds for a drive to load to, before it actually changes things.
  16. Oct 22, 2006 #15
    Did you make sure
    A) The IDE/SATA cable is connected to the HD
    B) The power connector is connected to the HD

    Also, make sure you set your BIOS to boot from your HD. Also, make sure that there is no floppy disk in the floppy drive.
  17. Oct 28, 2006 #16
    Ive tried this, i cant change the settings in the Setup. Nowhere does it show a picture of the boot order... this is insane.

    Should i just set up a bran new hdd?
  18. Oct 29, 2006 #17
    Well usualy it it in Advanced BIOS features. Are you sure that the jumpers are in the right place(when the pc starts it should show the ide devices connected(after the ram testing),http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/StartupScreen.gif" [Broken], if there are both of the discs, than they are connected ok and are recognized by the pc.
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  19. Oct 29, 2006 #18
    Hm i now read that your pc is socket1(this is for 486 processors), why would you run xp on a 486(isn't it kinda slow, realy slow :D )?

    Or it is a slot 1, which are pentuims 2,3 and celerons(which i have for server, and the bios, has a boot order utility).
  20. Oct 31, 2006 #19
    oh sorry it is slot one because its pentium 3
  21. Nov 2, 2006 #20
    Any other ideas?
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