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Criteria for choosing a substrate for thin films

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    Hi guys!, i want to know what are the criteria in choosing a substrate to deposit thin films, like what are the physical and chemical properties of the substrate to be compatible in depositing thin films?
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    If you are aiming for epitaxy, then the crystal structure and lattice constants of the substrate should be similar to the film you are depositing.
    if you want a liquid on a solid then the surface should be hydrophobic or hydrophilic depending on if the solvent is nonpolar or polar.

    Using physical deposition, such as e-beam evaporation, you can deposit just about anything on anything else.
    Generally you want very clean, flat surfaces.
    Also look up sputtering, CVD, PECVD, MOCVD, PVD, etc.
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    I want to deposit ZnO (n-type) thin films in Silicon (p-type) substrate using spray pyrolysis, but i don't know the reasons why many articles choose silicon over other substrates
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    if not for epitaxial growth, then i would guess availability.
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