What is Substrate: Definition and 27 Discussions

In chemistry, a substrate is typically the chemical species being observed in a chemical reaction, which reacts with a reagent to generate a product. It can also refer to a surface on which other chemical reactions are performed, or play a supporting role in a variety of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. In synthetic and organic chemistry, the substrate is the chemical of interest that is being modified. In biochemistry, an enzyme substrate is the material upon which an enzyme acts. When referring to Le Chatelier's principle, the substrate is the reagent whose concentration is changed. The term substrate is highly context-dependent.

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  1. DiveshAggarwal

    Help with depositing a Nano coating on a glass-like substrate please

    Can someone help me with the method for performing nano-coating on glass like substrate
  2. I

    Biology Volume of substrate affecting enzyme activity

    I know that as the concentration of substrate increases, the enzyme activity increases because there are more substrate molecules to react on (but at an increasingly slower rate). Would the same reasoning work with volume? Thanks!
  3. informerkh

    Optical qualities of prism sheet and glass substrate (LCD screen)

    Hi! I am an electronics engineer and I would be very grateful for some help and suggestions with my problem. I am experiencing severe discomfort when working with almost any LCD screen (smartphones, laptops, monitors). Ophthalmologists say that I am completely healthy and they cannot understand...
  4. R

    Eddy currents in an Aluminum substrate PCB

    Well, then: my first real topic here on PF :angel: We will soon do a half-bridge PWM thing, if everything goes smoothly. Bit of a scary thing, actually. So far it's about gathering reference material and examples. Even the simulations are just in planning phase. But: as it seems the...
  5. C

    I Graphene Substrate: Can it Maintain 2D Form?

    I have looked on the internet but not found a clear anwser. can graphene sutstane its 2-dimensional form witout anny help froms substrades? tanks for helping ^^
  6. sandeep4442

    Etching of SiO2 layer in SOI substrate using RIE

    Hello all, I am trying to etch SiO2 buried layer for MEMS suspended structures using RIE and the receipe is CHF3 + 2% O2 Plasma. In my structures, the sacrificial layer is SiO2. How does the etching process vary from vertical to lateral (underneath of top Si) etching of SiO2.
  7. S

    Electroplating Cu on Cu sputtered Si Substrate (Lithography)

    I have been trying to plate Copper on Copper sputtered Electronic grade Silicon Substrate which has been patterned and developed using UV photolithography. The patterns measure about 50-100microns in width and are about 1600microns long. I have tried plating 10micrometer thick Cu using a stock...
  8. T

    Graphene: Questions from a Non-Chemist

    Hi, I haven't had any chemistry exposure for over a decade, (I have some semi-conductor and quantum mechanics experience though) I was wondering: (to my vague 'knowledge') If graphite is just made of many overlapped graphene sheets, then why isn't graphite conductive? Also, if graphene is a "2D...
  9. F

    Ellipsometry of thicker SiO2 film over bulk Si substrate

    Dear All, I hope you are good. But I am stuck in a measurement. I use JWoollam Ellipsometer and WVASE 32 software to perform ellipsometric measurements of a wafer which contains Silicon as substrate and SiO2 8 um as film over it. I performed a number of measurements on different points of the...
  10. R

    Criteria for choosing a substrate for thin films

    Hi guys!, i want to know what are the criteria in choosing a substrate to deposit thin films, like what are the physical and chemical properties of the substrate to be compatible in depositing thin films?
  11. R

    Silicon wafer as substrate in Zinc oxide thin films

    Good day, many articles used sillicon wafer as substrate over others (like:platinum, glass, sapphire and etc) to grow Zinc oxide thin films, but I'm don't know the real reason they choose silicon wafer as substrate compare to others. so I'm asking what are the advantages of using Silicon wafers...
  12. M

    How does the value of r* affect the ΔG vs r curve for heterogenous nucleation?

    Homework Statement A cylindrical pill-like solid cluster of radius r nucleates from the vapor phase on a dislocation that emerges from the substrate. The free-energy change per unit thickness is given by \Delta G = \pi r^2 \Delta G_v + 2 \pi r \gamma + A - B lnr Where A - Blnr represents...
  13. G

    Purpose of substrate in semiconductor lasers

    What is a purpose of a substrate in an electronic device? In particular semiconductor lasers, why is it made of semiconductor? Thank you.
  14. S

    Optics: Design of Beamsplitter Ge on KBr substrate

    Hi there, I am making a beam splitter for an FTIR, but I do not know the anatomy of a beamsplitter of this type, does anybody have information on the design of these? I plan to order KBr crystal windows and apply the Ge coating myself using physical vapor deposition and assuring quality with a...
  15. N

    Best Substrate for VHF applications

    Hi buddies, i am working on very high frequencies antenna applications. can anybody updates me about best suitable substrate material which exhibits low losses at THz and optical band. i appreciate that.
  16. T

    Sn1 Reactions: Substrate structure vs leaving group stabilit

    Homework Statement Let's say I have two compounds in an identical solvent. The compounds are also identical except for the following: One has a Br bonded to a tertiary carbon, and the other has an I bonded to a secondary carbon. Which would react first in an Sn1 nucleophilic reaction...
  17. M

    Difference between Substrate & Base material in Printed Circuit Board?

    What is the Difference between Substrate & Base material in Printed Circuit Board? What is the difference between Substrate material in PCB and in semiconductor [VLSI] ?Is the VLSI substrate Cu plate? Is the substrate of VLSI a fibre glass or it is something else? What is the base...
  18. N

    SERS substrate characterization using Invia Raman Microscope

    Hello, I am looking for some expert advice from the community. I am preparating a planar SERS surface using polycrystalline gold as a substrate. It will be roughened with oxidation-reduction cycles. I want to measure the sers substrate enhancement factor (SSEF) using pyridine as a reporter. I...
  19. U

    Why do we need a doped substrate?

    From my textbook, I know why we use the P well instead of using the p-doped substrate directly, but why do we need a doped substrate? I think this is a stupid question, and that's why I can't find out the ans from my testbook but considered that I am a new comer in semiconductor, please help me!
  20. T

    Thin film (MgF2 substrate)

    Homework Statement I need to calculate n, k and d of an "unknown" thin film. I have the transmission spectra of the substrate (MgF2) and substrate + "unknown" thin film See the attachments with: three files - two screenshots of the transmission spectra (see file name for description) -...
  21. T

    Calculate the molar concentration of substrate

    Homework Statement Hello, I'm creating a Michealis/Menten curve and need to find the X values for the graph. Homework Equations These are the instructions given to find the X values: To obtain the X value, plot the molar concentration (molarity) of substrate used in each well...
  22. Z

    Suicide substrate and kinetics

    Suicide substrate. An Enzyme, E reacts with a substrate S to form an enzyme substrate-complex, ES is usual for Michaelis-Menten kinetics. However, the substrate in the enzyme-substrate complex chemically reacts with the enzyme to form a permanent covalent complex at the enzyme active site. The...
  23. K

    P-type substrate of having Miller index of (100) and (111)

    what is the obvios differences between p-type substrate of having Miller index of (100) and (111), beside (111) plane have higher atom density?
  24. H

    Surface treatment of glass substrate for spin-coating (ZnO nanoparticles)

    Hi all, I am studying ZnO and Al-doped ZnO (AZO) for transparent conductive thin film applications. I synthesized ZnO and AZO nanoparticles (NPs) by wet chemical method, then fabricated the thin film on glass substrate by spin-coating technique, and finally, annealed at high temperature...
  25. D

    Transmittance of absorbing multilayer thin-films on an absorbing substrate

    I have found a general expression for the amplitude transmittance (t) of multilayer film stacks in the literature [1], but the author does not explain how to obtain the transmittance (T). I looked up other references, and the closest I could find was the description of "an absorbing film on a...
  26. W

    Why do we need a substrate while growing?

    Mismatching is the problem in growing materials. I wonder why they did not use the same crystal to grow the sample. For example, GaN is grown on Al203, why not take GaN as the seed?
  27. Hootenanny

    Collision Frequency and Relative Velocity in Enzyme-Substrate Interactions

    My question is "If I have an immobilised substrate (protein molecule), is it more likely that when in a solution with enzymes(which are free to move) that a collision will occur than if the substrate was mobile. Any input would be appreciated :smile: