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Drive Wheel Motor Torque Calculations

  1. Apr 1, 2014 #1

    Example vehicle design criteria:

    ▪ Gross vehicle weight (GVW): 190kg*9.81 = 1863.9N
    ▪ Weight on each drive wheel (WW): 1.84kg *9.81 = 18N
    ▪ Radius of wheel/tire (Rw): 216mm
    ▪ Desired top speed (Vmax): ?
    ▪ Desired acceleration time (ta): ?
    ▪ Maximum incline angle (α): 2 degree
    ▪ Worst working surface: concrete (good)

    TTE [N] = RR[N] + GR[N] + FA[N]
    TTE = total tractive effort [N]
    RR = force necessary to overcome rolling resistance [N]
    GR = force required to climb a grade [N]
    FA = force required to accelerate to final velocity [N]

    ->> what value of t do i use , do i also just pick a value that suits me like i did with the velocity?

    TTE = (16.72+1393*sind(2)+((1393*10)./(9.81*t)))

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