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Electric model Car design calculations help.

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    I am needing help with some calculations for my project. I have to design an electric Car design and have to include some calculations. Given the maximum speed of the car is 2Meters per Second and the the mass of the car is 1.45kg:

    Calculate F

    And how do i calculate the torque at the wheel if I know the radius of the wheel which is 28mm.


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    welcome to pf!

    hello arjg89! welcome to pf! :smile:
    the maximum speed is reached when the maximum force (F) of the engine equals the air resistance plus the friction within the engine and the bearings (which increase with speed)

    if you don't know the air resistance or the friction (and i don't see how you can know it), then you can't find F without actually building the car :wink:
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    I dont actually need to know the air resistance or the friction for my assignment.. This is all the information I have been given..
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