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Evaporator machine but in the operations manual

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    Could someone please give me an explanation using the following equation?

    I work this evaporator machine but in the operations manual there is this equation below.I would like to further my knowledge.

    Equation for Evaporation
    Q = U x A x DT

    Q = Energy Transfer (W)
    U = Heat Transfer coefficient (W/m2°K)
    A = Heat Transfer area (m2)
    DT = Temperature difference (°K)

    Please any help appreciated.....thank you....Tony
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    Re: W/m2°K

    The equation is a relationship between the energy transfer rate (power), the surface area, and the mean temperature gradient at that surface. It more or less is used to define the heat transfer coefficient.

    Q = U x A x DT or

    U = Q/(A*DT)

    U is an empirical correlation or coefficient.
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