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Head of a vector

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    The question asked me to find the head of a vector [a,b,c] whose length is 3 and is in the same direction as vector

    So I found the follwing:

    Let vector x be the unknown vector


    Since they are both in the same direction, they both must have the same direction angles right?


    Cos alpha = -3/13 which is equal to a/3
    Cos beta = -4/13 which is equal to b/3
    Cos gamma = 12/13 which is equal to c/3

    Then I got the values for a,b and c but the book shows me a different answer. What am I doing wrong here?
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    What values did you get, and what does the book say?
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    I found my answer to be correct because I did a similiar question and found my method to work. Thx though
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