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Homework Help: Heat capcity of napthalene

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    You burn 136.8 mg of naphthalene in a calorimeter and the temperature of the calorimeter rises by 3.29 oC. Determine the calorimeter heat capacity in J K-1. The molar mass of naphthalene is 128.18 g mol-1

    This is a question from a quiz I have to do.
    this is wat I did.
    Ccal=delta H/delta n=0.1368g/128.18g/mol

    I dont know how to calc delta H from this info but I looked it up on the net and found 72.6+0.6kJ/mol.
    Thats not right is it coz when I put this information in the formula

    I got it wrong... any help???
    Does anyone know if my value for entropy of napthalene is right?
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    heat of combustion of naphthelene=5156 kJ/mole. I think u may equate this to heat gained by calorimeter.
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    Thanks I will try that!
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    Yeah I just tried to use that and still got it wrong its so frustrating! I will go and see my lecturer now and hopefully he can help. Can u see anything wrong with my process?
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