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Homework Help: Help! Pulling A Rope

  1. Nov 13, 2007 #1
    Here is a question:

    Jane and John with masses of 51kg and 62kg respectively, stand on a frictionless surface 13m apart. John pulls on a rope that connects him to JAne, giving jane an acceleration of .92 m/s*s toward him. a. What is Johns acceleration?? b. IF the pulling force is applied constantly, where will Jane and John meet?

    a. f=ma, manipulating this you get John's Acceleration at .756m/s*s

    b. More towards John. I got 5.9m away from him but I believe this is wrong..

    Please help ASAP
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    Both are starting from rest simultaneously.When they meet they must have travelled for the same time intrerval. Use the equation x = 1/2*a*t^2 for both and find x
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