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Calculators How to delete column(s) with particular values in Excel?

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    In Excel, I wish to automatically delete multiple columns that have (0) in particular row location. How to do this? After the deletion, the data array should shrink to only columns that do not have (0) at that row.
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    Hi Adel,

    Easiest is a Macro like (assuming data is in C4:I10 and the row with the criterion zeroes is Row 10):
    Code (Text):

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

        For iColumn = 9 To 3 Step -1
        If ActiveSheet.Cells(10, iColumn).Value = 0 Then
            ActiveSheet.Columns(iColumn).Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
        End If

    End Sub
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    Hi BvU, may be I was not clear in describing what I wish to do. I attach a data that I want to operate on. In this data I wish to conditionally delete any columns that does not contain the value (1) in either row 1 or 2 and any column that contains (1) in row 1 and 2 but contain other (1) in row 4. After the deletion, only columns A and B remain.

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    I found a simple solution. I highlight row 4 then use the function (find), this will find the value (1) in row 4 and then I delete all columns containing (1) leaving only columns A and B as desired.
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    Yes, but that's a relatively tedious manual method, will need to be repeated if the data changes, and is subject to human error if repeated. Adel's suggestion of a macro is much more versatile and easily repeatably. If you need this sort of thing very often, you would do well to learn a small amount of VBA.
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    Adel is the OP. The suggestion was from BvU.
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    OOPS. Thanks for catching that Mark & my apologies to BvU
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