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I How to measure a magnifying glass (I want to build a telescope)

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    I want to build a telescope and want to know which type of lense is better suit for this.
    Please any one help...
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    You will have to tell us more before we can give you any helpful answers. What do you want to use this telescope for? What is your budget, in time and money? What are your mechanical skills? What equipment and tools do you have access to?

    There's an enormous amount of information here and elsewhere on the Internet; do more investigation and come back with more specific questions, and we will be able to help.
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    For a refracting telescope, which is what you imply, you certainly want to start with an achromatic or better yet an apochromatic lens. While multielement lenses are not cheap vs a single element lens they are necessary to reign in chromatic aberation, which would otherwise be intolerable.
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