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Infinite Square Well for Bosons in an optical lattice

  1. Feb 23, 2013 #1
    I'm working on a research project and was wondering what you could use to experimentally create a periodic infinite square well (dirac comb?) in a direction orthogonal to a different potential, say a periodic potential.
    To help you understand what I'm trying to do picture a grid of atoms and take there to be a periodic potential in one direction and an infinite square well periodic potential in another.

    The idea is to restrict the movement of a particle in one direction. The theory is simple, but I don't know very much about practically implementing it.

    Any ideas? Comments? Concerns? Any feedback appreciated!

    N.B. the periodic potential is an optical lattice, I don't think I can use an MOT to approximate my square well because I need the thing to be on a scale of nms and be periodic.

    ψ :S
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