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J-k flip flop

  1. Mar 11, 2006 #1
    for j k flip flop,there is a inverse clock,Q(output) , Q bar(knot) output ,J and K
    when drawing the timing diagram,is it necessary to state the output of the Q bar (knot) or only the Q (output) is enough??

    pls help
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    that depends on your assignment requirement.
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    just a clarification.. You may state the negation of Q as just Q bar .. We understand it to mean NOT Q .. Your spelling knot is a homonym. It sounds like NOT but has a different meaning.
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    You would generally only show Q- in your timing diagram if you were going to use it for something later in the logic. You wouldn't usually show outputs that are unused. You do need to show all inputs, however, since you need to be sure to drive them with something.
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