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Homework Help: Lewis structure help

  1. Apr 26, 2006 #1
    i am attempting to figure out the lewis structure/ bonding scheme for CH3NCO.

    so far i have: O=C=C-N-H
    l l
    H H
    the Hs are attached to the second C then the N

    the formal charges seem to be ok

    i have a formal charge of 0 for O, C, N
    i have a formal charge of 1 for all the H

    what do you think?
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    Your methyl group (CH3) should be together.
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    Perhaps you are referring to methyl cyanate (CH3OCN) ?
    [tex]{\text{H}}\mathop {\text{C}} \limits_{\text{H}}^{\text{H}} {- \text{O}} - {\text{C}} \equiv {\text{N}}[/tex]

    Otherwise, as written, "CH3NCO" refers to
    [tex]{\text{H}}\mathop {\text{C}}\limits_{\text{H}}^{\text{H}} - {\text{N}} = {\text{C}} = {\text{O}}[/tex]

    (*:smile: perhaps we should implement a [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] for molecular structures?)
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