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Manufacturing Electronic Products

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    I got this assignment and I am stuck on one question, I just need a few pointers or websites with information.

    Discuss the effects of altering the gate dimenstions in the MOS devices and the geometry of the bipolar transistors used.

    I don't need mad calculations or complex answers, just a basic explanation, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Sorry another thing, am I correct in saying (Just checking another part of the assingment is correct) that Etching is used in small scale integrated circuits and that Diffusion and Ion Implantation is used in large scale integrated circuits?
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    A good place to start is to read more about integrated circuits. Here's a reasonable introduction from wikipedia.org:


    As for gate geometry, you will want to discuss what the effects of varying the gate width and length have on the parameters of the CMOS transistor that is formed.

    And AFAIK, etching and diffusion are used on all IC fabrication. I'm not sure if ion implantation is limited to some processes or not. The wikipedia pages may answer that for you.
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