I Misting system

Figuring for pressure change due to an increase or decrease in pipe size
I am attaching a standard 5/8" garden hose with approximately 70psi pressure to a copper pipe that is capped on the opposite end with mist nozzles mounted periodically along its length. I want the pressure at each mister to be as similar as possible. The hose attaches at the base, a solid line goes 8 feet vertically and then the misters are mounted on a horizontal portion. For my copper lines I have 3/4" copper and 1/2" copper and I am wondering which I should use to have consistency after coming out of the 5/8" hose and into the misting system.


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Hi @ljmorlock
Pressure drop for the pipes ( and the garden hose ) will be a factor of the amount of water flow, a factor that you need to quantify by the amount of water ( expected ) to come out of the nozzles.
A pint a minute might be OK, a gallon a minute might not.

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