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Mossbauer data analysis - folding

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    Hi there, this looks like a great forum :-)
    I would need help with the folding procedure for raw data from mossbauer spectroscopy. Our software doesn't, for some reason, fold the data correctly, so we want to attempt a manual procedure. But how do we determine the correct sense/direction of folding?
    Thanks a lot for advice,
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    There are lot of free software for folding (not convolution!) of the the raw data. What software do you use for analysis? But if you want to fold manually, then you should write your own C or FORTRAN program.. For this you should know the theory of folding.
    Usually the folding point will be around the central channel.
    After geting the raw spectrum choose the centre point and add then find the square of the difference of the counts before and after the centre channel count (symetrically around the selected folding point). Sum the differences and say it as 'x1'. Now take the next point of the central point and repeat the same procedure, and say it as 'x2'..Like wise find 3 point before and after the central point and repeat the procedure..Now see which 'x' is small, then that will be the correct folding point. After finding the folding point add the counts before and after the folding point to get the folded spectrum.
    Hope it helps.
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