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Multiple Inverter hookup ?

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    I have two inverters (Different brands) one is a 3,000 watt, and the other is a 5,000 watt, which I would to draw from both, to feed one tool, is there a way to align the cycles so that they can supply a single breaker panel?
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    Probably not.
    First you would have to mod circuits and connect them together internally just to get them to keep the same phase(align the cycles).
    After that different units have different switching algorithms and thus a different output wave form.
    These have to match as well, otherwise one will just short the other out if run in parallel.

    If you have a split phase breaker panel like the US, then each one could possibly feed a side unmodified (if you don't use 220V appliances).
    Assuming you fixed the phasing problem then 220 appliances or tools would probably work, but the max 220v power would be 3000w, not 5000w or 8000w.
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