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Homework Help: Normal distribution table

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    the only tables that I see go from -3 to 3 in my textbooks. but I keep seeing problems on the textbooks tha ask for p( -4.5 < z < .5)

    how do I solve this?
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    what are you talking about? Be more specific.


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    I mean, like whenever I solve problems using the normal distribution table, the table only ranges from -3 to +3. and a lot of problems, ask me to solve, when p(-4.5 < z < .5) or something like that. How do I solve it if my table doesn't go that high/low?
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    There are several options. Web Site #1 below offers interactive calculation of both Normal Distribution and Inverse Normal Distribution for {-7.0 < z < +7.0}. Web Site #2 provides tabulated values of Normal Distribution tail probabilities for {0 < z < +9.5}, with larger "z" values given in the extended table below the main table. Finally, you can calculate your own Normal Distribution CDF's from Equations #10-14 and other references given in Web Site #3 below.

    URL #1 ---> http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/z_table.html
    URL #2 ---> http://www.math.unb.ca/~knight/utility/NormTble.htm [Broken]
    URL #3 ---> http://mathworld.wolfram.com/NormalDistributionFunction.html

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